Classic Pastor's Bible Study Lessons

The Proof Of The Submissive Mind

Lesson 6 • October 5, 2016 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Christ shows us the pattern for the submissive mind. Paul reveals to us to power for the submissive mind. And Timothy and Epaphroditus give us the proof that we too can have the submissive mindset.

Is It In You?

Lesson 5 of Philippians Study • September 28, 2016 • Pastor Chad Thompson

If we're going to live out the great example of Christ's submissive mindset then we must know that there is a purpose to achieve, a power to receive, and a promise to believe. We can't do it by imitation; we must do it by incarnation.

The Submissive Mind

Lesson 4 of Philippians Study • September 21, 2016 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Chapter 1 focused on the "single mind." Chapter 2 focuses on the "submissive mind." The submissive mind puts others first for the glory of God. The secret of joy in spite of circumstances is the single mind. The secret of joy in spite of people is the submissive mind. Jesus is our ultimate example of a person exercising the attitude of humility found in the submissive mindset.

Faith Of The Gospel

Lesson 3 Of Philippians Study • September 14, 2016 • Pastor Chad Thompson

In our text, Paul is speaking about fighting for the faith of the Gospel. The “faith” is the same thing that Jude mentioned in Jude 3 – “Earnestly contending for the faith.” (cf. 1 Tim. 4:1) We must earnestly fight for faith and strive for the advancement of the gospel so that we can hand the baton of the faith of the Gospel to the next generation.

Furtherance Of The Gospel

Lesson 2 From Philippians Study • September 7, 2016 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Although imprisoned in Rome and chained, Paul was more than a prisoner. He was a pioneer. He advanced and furthered the gospel by using his chains as a tool to take the gospel to places that he himself would never go personally. We need to see that God has given us the ability to use an unlikely or even unfavorable situation to further the gospel.

Fellowship Brings Joy

Lesson 1 From Philippians • August 31, 2016 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Paul rejoiced in his circumstances, because his circumstances strengthened the fellowship of the gospel. (v. 5) Fellowship – def – to have in common. Christian fellowship is more than sharing a cup of coffee, lunch, passion for a sport, etc. Christian fellowship is about having Christ in common, the gospel in common, sharing Christ, sharing eternal life. Paul told the Philippians that he had them in his mind, in his heart, and in his prayers.

Redemption Draws Nigh

Lesson 4 From Study Of Ruth • July 21, 2010 • Pastor Chad Thompson

The story of Ruth ends on a happy note. Ruth is redeemed by Boaz through marriage. Boaz is a picture of Jesus. Ruth (a gentile) is a picture of Jesus' bride. Just Boaz redeemed his bride, Jesus has redeemed His bride. Jesus did for His bride what she could not do for herself. Jesus gave His life as the purchase price for His bride.

A Deeper Relationship

Lesson 3 From The Study Of Ruth • July 14, 2010 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Ruth's relationship with Boaz reveals to us how we can grow in a deeper relationship with God.

Let's Allow God To Work

Lesson 2 From The Study Of Ruth • July 7, 2010 • Pastor Chad Thompson

We learn from Ruth that if we're going to let God work in our lives so that we handle our problems rightly, we must live by faith, grace, and hope.

How Not To Handle Problems

Lesson 1 From The Study Of Ruth • June 30, 2010 • Pastor Chad Thompson

When it comes to problems, we can endure, escape, or enlist the problem. If we attempt to escape, we miss out on learning what God wants us to learn. If we endure, problems become our master and control us. But if we enlist, then our problems become our servants and serve to God’s purpose.