Hebrews Bible Study

Jesus Is Greater

Prayerful, Encouraging, Parting Words

Lesson 26 • April 11, 2018 • Pastor Chad Thompson

The author of Hebrews closes his letter to the Hebrews with personal words of requests for prayer, exhortations to apply and book, and a farewell of grace.

Unchanging Truths And Jesus

Lesson 25 • March 28, 2018 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Jesus never changes, and God has given us some truths that can allow us hold tightly to the unchanging grace of our Savior.

Life And Love On The Horizontal Plane

Lesson 24 • March 7, 2018 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Chapter 13 is filled with lots of practical teaching on a variety of subjects that deal with love for people and love for God. The author in verses 1-7 shows us how we are to love others with our commitment and contentment.

Stick To The Track

Lesson 23 • February 28, 2018 • Pastor Chad Thompson

We need God's grace everyday to stick to the race track of life. We must look to Jesus, God's love, and God's grace. If we turn our eyes and lives to worldliness, we will get off track and perhaps not even get back into the race.

Exercise And Endurance

Lesson 22 • February 14, 2018 • Pastor Chad Thompson

God will use discipline, both positive and negative, to help us grow our faith. A faith that endures grows a hope that endures. And we need both if we are to run the race of life. The author shares 5 things we can look to help us run with an enduring faith.

Triumph, Tragedy, And Faith To Endure

Lesson 21 • February 7, 2018 • Pastor Chad Thompson

In this fallen world, everyone experiences a mixture of both triumphs and tragedies. However, neither astonishing victories nor demoralizing defeats represent the end of the story. As the author closes out chapter 11, he summarizes this truth: And all these, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect. We too can do as they did: look into the future by faith and live faithful lives in the present.

The Patriarchs Waited By Faith

Lesson 20 • January 31, 2018 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Sometimes we have to wait before God fulfills what He has promised. In the waiting we exercise our faith and grow it stronger. We don't give up in despair. We have to long for those things that are not of this world. Get our eyes on the spiritual, eternal, and heavenly. Like Abraham, we must look for a city whose building and maker is God.

The Superior Principle Of Faith

Lesson 19 • January 24, 2018 • Pastor Chad Thompson

The way to follow Jesus is faith. He is superior in person and ministry. The way we please God in following Jesus is through and by the superior principle of faith.

Our Responsibility in Light of Jesus' Superiority

Lesson 18 • January 10, 2018 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Because of Jesus' superior sacrifice, a way has been opened for us to have a relationship with God. It also established Jesus as our Great High Priest. In light of Jesus superior sacrifice and ministry, we have a responsibility to draw near to God, hold fast our confession of hope, and stir one another up unto love and good works.

A Greater Sacrifice

Lesson 17 • December 20, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Because the OT sacrifices could never provide for cleansing and removal of guilt, there was a need for a greater sacrifice. Jesus is that greater sacrifice. He is the Lamb that taketh away the sins of the world. By His sacrifice, the OT ended and the NT began. The sacrifice of Jesus was a one for, once for all, and free for all sacrifice that brings the removal of guilt and the purging of the heart from sin.

The Mediator Of The New Covenant

Lesson 16 • December 13, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Jesus is the Mediator of the New Covenant which He has signed and sealed in His own blood. His sacrifices is a once for all time payment of sin. As a High Priest He only offered one sacrifice one time. He now appears in the heavenly tabernacle as our Great High Priest ministering the New Covenant benefits to all believers.

Cleansing The Heart

Lesson 15 • December 6, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

The Old Covenant along with its priesthood and sacrifices could never clean a person's heart or remove sin guilt. It could only "cover" the sin. The New Covenant along with its Great High Priest and one time sacrifice cleanses internally and removes all sin guilt. Our faith must be in the finished redemptive work of Jesus on the cross.

The New Is Greater Than The Old

Lesson 14 • November 29, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Jesus is superior person, but He is also superior in ministry because he administers a superior covenant. The New Covenant is greater than the Old Covenant and it is required to be so because Jesus' priesthood is superior.

Picking Up Again On Melchisedec - Part 2

Lesson 13 • November 15, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Jesus priesthood is greater. Only Jesus allows access to God, the ability to draw near to God, and to grow spiritually. Jesus is the bridge-maker, the one and only mediator between God and man.

Picking Up Again On Melchisedec

Lesson 12 • November 8, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Jesus' High Priesthood is greater than the priesthood of Aaron because Jesus is of a different order and His priesthood is more efficacious.