How Can I Avoid Obligatory Sex?

September 17, 2021

Today we answer a listener question about how to avoid obligatory sex, how to get out of that rut if you are already stuck in it, and so much more!

Exploring Sexual Accelerators

October 22, 2021

Today we explore 'turn-ons' and dive deeper into the world of Sexual Accelerators!

What Turns you OFF?! Exploring Sexual Brakes!

October 15, 2021

Today we explore sexual brakes and dive deeper into what might be turning you OFF!

Sex Behind the Scenes

October 8, 2021

Today we open up about the ins-and-outs (pun intended) of our actual sex life. We are doing this to help people get a better understanding of the complexity of long-term romantic relationships, and to dispel any ideas that we have it all together!