Sex & the Double Standard

July 2, 2021

We are back at it again because one of y'all put us on blast for espousing a double standard when it comes to a woman's arousal vs. a man's arousal! So today we answer this question from a listener... If women are not responsible for men

Grow Your Sexual Vocabulary

September 24, 2021

Today we talk about the importance of expanding the way that you talk about sex and intimacy in order to have BETTER sex and intimacy! When we can improve our conversations around pleasure we can have a lot more of it!

How Can I Avoid Obligatory Sex?

September 17, 2021

Today we answer a listener question about how to avoid obligatory sex, how to get out of that rut if you are already stuck in it, and so much more!

My Husband Keeps Looking At Porn!

September 10, 2021

Today we answer a listener question about what to do with unwanted porn use in your marriage!