Grow Your Sexual Vocabulary

September 24, 2021

Today we talk about the importance of expanding the way that you talk about sex and intimacy in order to have BETTER sex and intimacy! When we can improve our conversations around pleasure we can have a lot more of it!

What Turns you OFF?! Exploring Sexual Brakes!

October 15, 2021

Today we explore sexual brakes and dive deeper into what might be turning you OFF!

Sex Behind the Scenes

October 8, 2021

Today we open up about the ins-and-outs (pun intended) of our actual sex life. We are doing this to help people get a better understanding of the complexity of long-term romantic relationships, and to dispel any ideas that we have it all together!

Sex is Connected to Everything!

October 1, 2021

Today Melanie shares how sex is 100% connected to everything; from making sure the dogs get fed, taking out the trash, to being nice to the kids.