Learning To Think Like Jesus

Part 2 of the series Rethinking Your Life

March 9, 2020 • Deacon David Little

What does it mean to think like Jesus? Is it really possible to have His same thoughts, the same attitude, and the same reactions? In 1 Corinthians 2:16, Paul says, “We can understand these things, because we now have the mind of Christ.” In this message, Deacon Dave Little will go through the characteristics of a person who thinks like Jesus.

Defeating Discouragement

April 6, 2020 • Deacon David Little

Everyone is discouraged from time to time, and sometimes it can be debilitating--to the point of giving up. The Bible has a lot to say about defeating discouragement. In this message, Deacon Dave Little will talk about how to rethink the things that discourage you by examining the Apostle Paul’s seven secrets of defeating discouragement.

How To Win Over Persistent Temptation

March 30, 2020 • Deacon David Little

We often get stuck in the same pattern when we’re tempted: good intentions lead to failure which leads to guilt. How can this cycle be broken? The key to overcoming temptation is not to resist it, but to rethink it. In this message, Deacon Dave Little will share nine ways to rethink temptation to lose its power over your life.

Rethinking the Problem of Sin

March 23, 2020 • Deacon David Little

If someone asked you what your biggest problem in life was, you’d probably answer with something like, “Well, I’ve got relationship problems," or, “I’m under a lot of financial stress.” But what if your biggest problem … was you? Deacon Dave Little teaches us what sin is, why it’s a problem, and how to break free from it.