Community Groups - Fall 2023

Beginning August 21st - Sign Up!

August 21, 2023
6:30 - 7:30pm
44 spots remaining

Join us as we study the book of 1 Samuel together! Below is a list of all (9) Community Group locations/days. Please REGISTER using the link! ***BEWARE: By default, this form selects (1) ticket for MONDAY - St. Rose Ave. Please make sure to delete that entry so you don't sign up for two groups accidentally.*** MONDAY - St. Rose Ave (Brandon Langley, Wayne McLemore + Christian Norton) McLemore Home 320 St. Rose Ave. St. Rose, LA 70087 MONDAY - Dianne Place (Drew O'Neal, Ronnie Lamarque + Jarrod Franklin) O'Neal Home 269 Dianne Dr. St. Rose, LA 70087 TUESDAY - Red Church (Ray Telschow, Nicholas Barnfield) Telschow Home 3744 Whitehall Dr. Destrehan, LA 70047 TUESDAY - Charlestowne (Stephen Lancaster + Andres Arauz) Arauz Home 6 Jasmine Ln. St. Rose, LA 70087 TUESDAY - Ormond Blvd (Austin DeArmond + Joshua Graft) Graft Home 158 Dunleith Dr. Destrehan, LA 70047 WEDNESDAY - St. Rose Ave (Stephen Picard + Dustin Henderson) Picard Home 11 Bridle Path Ln. St. Rose, LA 70087 THURSDAY - Charlestowne (Cole Smith, Fernando Paz + Michael Schmidt) Huhner Home 7 Sweetgum Ln. St. Rose, LA 70087 THURSDAY - Dianne Place (Scott Maccord + Kody Craft) Cotton Home 151 Janet Dr. St. Rose, LA 70087 THURSDAY - Metairie (Randy Harvey + Darrin Godbold) Godbold Home 29 Savannah Ridge Ln. Metairie, LA 70001