Rising Above Your Crisis of Faith

Part 2

May 18, 2017 • Mark Jobe

God did not create us because he was lonely. God is self-sufficient. Never experiences loneliness in his life. He’s self-contained, but he has revealed himself to us as the great I am.

Adjusting Your Life to Cooperate With God

Part 2 • May 24, 2017 • Mark Jobe

Unless you do your unfinished business, your unfinished business will keep you in a certain territory and will not allow you to move to the next territory until you solve that business.

Adjusting Your Life to Cooperate With God

Part 1 • May 23, 2017 • Mark Jobe

When you decide to follow God, and when you decide to arrange your life to get on God’s plan, God will take you to some uncomfortable places in life, out of your comfort zone.

Crisis of Belief-Over Coming Excuses

Part 2 • May 22, 2017 • Mark Jobe

No one is asking if you have the ability. God is asking about your availability. God can take whatever you have and God is saying, are you willing to give it to me and let me use it for my glory and my purposes.