Spirit Filled Witness

Divine Appointments

Part 2 • June 22, 2018 • Pastor Mark Jobe

This is the second half of Pastor Mark's message in seeing the divine appointments in our life.

Divine Appointments

Part 1 • June 21, 2018 • Pastor Mark Jobe

In this message, Pastor Mark talks about God's divine appointment in our life.

Rollup Your Sleeves

Part 2 • June 20, 2018 • Pastor Mark Jobe

in this second half Pastor Mark continues his Roll-up your sleeves and get involved message.

Rollup Your Sleeves

Part 1 • June 19, 2018 • Pastor Mark Jobe

In this message, Pastor Mark reminds us of the importance of how we need to work together and roll up our sleeves for the gospel.

The Splash Effect

Part 2 • June 18, 2018 • Pastor Mark Jobe

When God gets a hold of your life it doesn't just stay with you, it effects others around you.

The Splash Effect

Part 1 • June 15, 2018 • Pastor Mark Jobe

In this message Pastor Mark reminds us that there will be challenges in our spiritual walk.