Breaking Out of Isolation


Part 2 • May 2, 2017 • Mark Jobe

You have something to give. Do not allow yourself to be caught into a cycle of I need, I need, I need. You have something to give. You can contribute. And the moment that you get up and start contributing. The moment that you start giving is the moment that you’ll start discovering that God can use you as well.


Part 1 • May 1, 2017 • Mark Jobe

You need to be proactive. And you need to come with this mentality. You need to come asking yourself: where can I sow a seed of friendship? You need to come to church saying, How can I meet a need? How can I encourage someone? How can I reach out to someone?


Part 2 • April 28, 2017 • Mark Jobe

All of us have areas of scarcity and abundance in our life. So if you look at your life right now and ask yourself this question, in what area of my life am I suffering scarcity in?”


Part 1 • April 27, 2017 • Mark Jobe

Life is found in the seed, and the seed is the precursor to life and fruitfulness. Whatever there are a lot of seeds of, you will eventually have a harvest of. Where you have no seeds of something, you will have no harvest of something.


Part 2 • April 26, 2017 • Mark Jobe

The greatest principle of breaking out of isolation and a need mentality is that you take initiative to reach out even in your need and meet somebody else's need, and that’s biblical.


Part 1 • April 25, 2017 • Mark Jobe

What happens when you start feeling isolated and lonely is you start looking at your own needs and feeling like you are a lonely individual and that it’s up to other people to meet those needs. What happens when you start developing that mentality is you go from being a someone that can contribute to someone that is a consumer. You move from someone that has something to give to be someone that simply needs in your life. In this message Pastor Mark give the greatest principle about breaking out of isolation.