Identity Theft

The Position Trap

Part 2 • May 10, 2017 • Mark Jobe

If we don’t understand what God has said about us, then oftentimes we embrace religion and we try to prove in religion that we are really truly faithful followers of God.

The Position Trap

Part 1 • May 9, 2017 • Mark Jobe

When my value depends on what other people say and think about me, then I’m going to chase after that recognition and I’m going to put that above truth.

The Possesions Trap

Part 1 • May 5, 2017 • Mark Jobe

Don’t experience the temptation of trying to measure people by what they have and how they dress and what car they drive and what house they live in.

The Possessions Trap

Part 2 • May 8, 2017 • Mark Jobe

Everyday, the average person, is exposed to 3,500 advertisements, magazines, audio-visual messages telling us that we need something else to make us happy. When you get the cars and the houses and the paycheck is fatter, when you start prospering. Don’t forget God. Don’t forget Him.

The Pleasure Trap

Part 1 • May 3, 2017 • Mark Jobe

I believe there’s an even more ominous identity theft that’s taking place. Much more dangerous, much more powerful, with much more destructive results, and that’s spiritual identity theft

The Pleasure Trap

Part 2 • May 4, 2017 • Mark Jobe

When your inner being is not being satisfied by the truth of God, then your natural cravings become stronger because your inner being is hungrier.