We need YOUR prayers!

As we transition to a new pastoral family we humbly as for everyone to pray: The Shockley's ask that you please pray: For God to navigate all the stresses of moving. For God to guide our transition into retirement. For God to guide us in our next season of service for Christ. For a completely successful surgery May 22nd and recovery for Sandy. For God to comfort us in the sadness of saying goodbye. For God to keep and nurture the friendships we have made at St Paul. For God to find and grow new friendships in Tallahassee. For God to guide us in finding a church home. For God to discover a new and renewed marriage now that we will have more time together. The Souders ask that you please pray: That God would lead us & the church through a positive & blessed transition. That God would grant Cindy & I wisdom as we handle our transition affairs. That God would grant us travel mercies as we go to Lakeland for meetings and annual conference. Church leadership ask that you please pray: For Pastor Steve & Cindy's physical moving process. For the new staff to have a smooth transition both individually & collectively. For the current staff to build new strong, loving relationships with the new staff family members. For direction and rededication of our missional teams. For conintued generosity of budget and time. For passionate worship team in their meetings with Pastor Steve in planning worship & sermons. For the preschool expansion process. That the congregation will continue to embrace new endeavors, missions and ways of serving God's Kingdom. For Pastor Mike & Sandy's transition into retirement.