Stories of Faith

Stories of Faith 19: Hannah

May 30, 2021 • Sally Shanks

Sally Shanks lands our Stories of Faith series in the story of Hannah, a desperate woman who cries out to God and sees him bring a radical reversal in her life.

Stories of Faith 18: Pentecost - Spirit of Adventure

May 23, 2021 • Jonny Grant

Jonny looks at the moment when the Holy Spirit came in wind and fire on the first believers in Jerusalem. What can we learn from this day that birthed the Church and changed the world?

Stories of Faith 17: Hezekiah

May 16, 2021 • Emma West

What makes a story, a story of faith? Emma unpacks this question by looking at themes of trust, reliance and obedience. She explores what these themes looked like in the life of King Hezekiah and how they have shaped her own story.

Stories of Faith 16: Noah - Walking with God

May 16, 2021 • Esther Grant

Esther unpacks the story of Noah, taking us beyond the nursery songs and pastel home décor to the gritty heart of this story of faith.

Stories of Faith 15: Deborah the Prophet

May 9, 2021 • Jonny Grant

Jonny continues our Stories of Faith Series, exploring the life of Deborah. What can we learn from Israel’s courageous leader and judge?

Stories of Faith 14: The Mantle of Elisha

May 2, 2021 • Sally Shanks

Sally Shanks takes a looks at the story of Elisha, the prophet who asked for a double portion of the power of God.

Stories of Faith 13: The Complex Story of Rahab

April 25, 2021 • Sam Bloore

Sam Bloore looks at the story of Rahab and discovers that God calls us to a life of trust in spite of our qualifications, not because of them.

Stories of Faith 12: Nehemiah

April 18, 2021 • Emma West

Emma unpacks the story of Nehemiah as an example of faith that moves us into action, inviting us all to ask ‘what do we have to contribute?’ in building God’s kingdom.

Stories of Faith 11: Jonah

April 18, 2021 • Matt Bruns

In this next edition of the series, Matt dives into the intriguing and bizarre story of Jonah and how it not only holds up a mirror into our lives, but shows us what God is really like.

Stories of Faith 10: An Undivided Heart

April 11, 2021 • Jonny Grant

As we journey on through the Easter Story Jonny talks about what this new creation looks like “on the ground” of our lives and in our church community.

Stories of Faith 9: Resurrection Sunday

April 4, 2021 • Jonny Grant

Jonny explores the wonder and surprise of Resurrection Sunday.

Stories of Faith 8: Habakkuk

March 28, 2021 • Alex Escobar

Alex continues our Stories of Faith series by looking at the prophet Habakkuk and how his story teaches us that doubt ignored stops faith, but a doubt explored moves faith.

Stories of Faith 7: Palm Sunday - Trusting Obedience

March 28, 2021 • Esther Grant

Stories of Faith 6: David and Goliath

March 21, 2021 • Emma West

Emma explores what the story of David and Goliath shows us about the way God works, the strategies he uses, and the kind of confidence he calls us to.

Stories of Faith 5: An Uprising of Generosity

March 21, 2021 • Matt Bruns

Continuing our series, Matt explores what Paul’s encounter with the Corinthian Church teaches us about our faith today, particularly in the area of generosity in light of Easter and what we see in the life of Jesus.