The Other Six Days 3: Dave & Phoebe's Testimony

22 Aug 2021 - 10am

August 22, 2021

Dave and Phoebe Atkinson will be telling some of their story of God’s faithfulness in the calling of the everyday.

The Other Six Days 9: When Work Goes Wrong

October 3, 2021

Lou Bridges shares her experience of God’s peace and provision during times of uncertainty in the workplace.

The Other Six Days 8: Gods Call To Me

September 26, 2021

This week Matt shares his story of calling and navigating the other six days from a few key seasons of his life.

The Other Six Days 7: Radically Responsive

September 19, 2021 • Jonny & Esther Grant

We continue to explore God’s purposes for us in the Other Six Days of life. Jonny and Esther talk about radical responsiveness to God in the big and small decisions of our lives.