The One Percent

July 27, 2019 • Ethan Woodard

One Idea That Will Radically Change Your Future

May 23, 2020 • Ty Gibson

In 1963 an experiment was conducted that revealed one of the most powerful insights ever discovered. But 2000 years ago the apostle Paul understood this profound reality.

Love is Blind... On Purpose

May 16, 2020 • Ty Gibson

The prophet Isaiah foretold that the Messiah would be blind. But when Jesus came to our world, He wasn’t blind. Or was he?

The Great Realisation

May 9, 2020 • Ty Gibson

The world is not the way it should be, and we know it. In a recent viral children’s story, a young British poet suggests that the coronavirus may bring the world to “The Great Realisation” that greed and selfishness are destroying the world, and that people are meant for relationships, not consumption and materialism. He’s right, and the Bible tells the same story.