Bad Things Happen

August 10, 2019 • Ty Gibson

Yes, It's Time to Freak Out!

January 25, 2020 • Ty Gibson

Broken trust—by means of wrongdoing on the part of those who are in political, financial, and religious power—will lead to the complete collapse of the world system. Bible prophecy warns that the consolidation of power and wealth will inevitably lead to the backlash of revolution and violence.


January 18, 2020 • Ty Gibson

On April 4, 1968, a shot was fired in Memphis, Tennessee, and a prophet of God was killed. In this message we remember Martin Luther King Jr by revisiting the horrific history that led up to the Civil Rights movement and we identify what made Dr. King such a powerful figure in the movement: a singular combination of prophetic clarity and nonviolent love.

A Victory is Won

December 28, 2019 • Ty Gibson

The Christ Child was born to die. It was inevitable that His character and principles would pose a threat to the powers that be. And yet, even as they crucified Him, they were unwittingly crowning Him the rightful king of the world. His death was the victory they did not see coming.