The Great Realisation

May 9, 2020 • Ty Gibson

The world is not the way it should be, and we know it. In a recent viral children’s story, a young British poet suggests that the coronavirus may bring the world to “The Great Realisation” that greed and selfishness are destroying the world, and that people are meant for relationships, not consumption and materialism. He’s right, and the Bible tells the same story.

Justice Deferred is Violence Invited

June 27, 2020 • Ty Gibson

Bible prophecy foretold that a demon-possessed Christianity would generate massive wealth for the nations by making merchandise of humans and thereby bring upon itself violent retribution. Jesus is the original non-violent protester. His death on the cross conquered the violence of both the oppressor and the oppressed.

The Architecture of Evil

June 20, 2020 • Ty Gibson

The Bible clearly teaches that evil manifests itself through structures and systems, as well as through individuals. Demonic forces work through earthly institutions. Bible prophecy foretold that the United States as a nation and Christianity as an institution would be the vehicle through which Satan would establish the evil of chattel slavery.

How to Know You Are Right with God

June 13, 2020 • Ty Gibson

In His final teaching before his crucifixion, Jesus clearly explained how each of us can know whether or not we will be shown to be right with God in when we stand before him in the judgment. Religious claims, doctrinal apologetics, and religious formalism will not cut it. The true measure of our standing with Christ is how we treat Christ in the person of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged human beings.