Do You Have a Mandate?

February 23, 2019 • Karl Lindsay

Before Jesus left, His parting words commissioned us to go and make disciples. What does that look like today within the church of the twenty-first century? How can we live out our mandate in intentional discipleship with those around us?

The Idolatry of Selfishness

November 16, 2019 • Vanessa Farfan

Marriage can be a medium through which we can grow and experience God’s love, but only when husband and wife are both submitted to Christ.

The Idolatry of Money

November 9, 2019 • Ty Gibson

Money isn’t good or bad of itself. It’s a neutral medium. But the love of money is the root of all evil. Those who love it, horde it to the disadvantage and hurt of others rather than use it to lift others up. Right now the eight richest men in the world possess more wealth than half the human race, many of who work for them and can’t even afford rent. We are currently witnessing the fulfillment of the prophecy that in the last days “men will be lovers of money” and amass their wealth by refusing to “pay their workers” what they deserve. Hopefully, this sermon will upset you...in a good way.

Straight from the Heart

November 2, 2019 • Kim Busl