My Father's Son

June 15, 2019 • Rob Sloan

The Unholy Trinity

October 12, 2019 • Ty Gibson

There are three primary means by which human beings are dehumanized: power, money and sex. These are the three great idols of our world. In the kingdom of God, power, money and sex are subordinate to love.

The Idolatry of Pleasure

October 5, 2019 • Edgar Quispe

God created us to experience pleasure. What happens when we put the gifts of God in the place of God in our lives.

The Theology of Idolatry

September 28, 2019 • Ty Gibson

The devil does his best work within the realm of theological systems. Idolatry is the satanic art of attributing to God traits of character that do not belong to him. If I can be made to believe bad things about God, I will either serve Him as a slave or run from Him into unbelief.