Get Out!

March 23, 2019 • Ty Gibson

“Get out!” With those words, God launched His church with an ancient man named Abram, and the movement to “get out” continues today. Real Christianity is a cycle-breaking enterprise of revolutionary proportions.


April 20, 2019 • Ty Gibson

Crashing Systems

April 6, 2019 • Ty Gibson

Both capitalism and socialism have pros and cons, but both systems are prone to corruption and ultimately unsustainable. The church is called to operate by an alternative economic system defined by the positive elements of both.

Turf Wars

March 30, 2019 • Ty Gibson

Planting a church in any location on earth constitutes a strategic territorial claim for the kingdom of God. We are saying, “This city was purchased by the blood of Christ, it belongs to Him, and we are here to take it for Him, person by person, home by home.