Real Talk 1.2022

The Gospel of Mark - Part 1

January 9, 2022

We enjoyed our first Sunday Hangout of 2022 with YOU! Let's take a quick dive into the book of Mark and find out if what we believe and what we know are the same thing... If you missed our last episode visit Stonebrooke.LIVE for things like local events, past episodes, local groups & ways to get involved. If you have a question or comment, text us anonymously at 415.SBROCKS - (415.727.6257).

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Mark Shares

January 8, 2022 • Mark

It's a New Year and for us that means looking in two directions, backward then forward. Here's an important segment from our recent Sunday Hangout that you should see/hear - a quick message from Stonebrooke's Teaching Pastor, Mark. :D #movingforward Jesus Talk: 10:30am Sunday, January 23 @ Stonebrooke Center (a more in-depth look) Next Sunday Hangout: 10:30am Sunday, February 6 @ Stonebrooke Center

Christmas in Your PJ's

December 19, 2021

Mark ruins the Christmas story. :)

A Stonebrooke Christmas (2021)

December 12, 2021