Jesus Talk - Episode #1

Mark 2: Breaking the Law?

January 23, 2022 • Mark 2, John 9:1–7, James 5:14–15, Luke 15:1–28

What is the Bible? What the heck are we supposed to do with it?

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August 20, 2023 • Faith, Miracles, Jesus

Jesus Talk is an informal event where locals in Waynesville, MO (near Fort Leonard Wood) sit and discuss the bible. NO TOPIC IS OFF LIMITS! This particular week, Mark is discussing healing. What is God's will? How can we know? Special thanks to everyone that made this production possible! Ask anything, any time: TXT QUESTIONS to 415.SBROCKS - 415.727.6257 Next hangout at Stonebrooke: http://stonebrooke.tv/events

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This week we take a closer look at Mark 3. Jesus performs a healing on the SABBATH!!! THEN, goes and heals more people... *HERE'S THE CLIP FROM THE CHOSEN - https://youtu.be/kzdvcekjtha Have a question? Txt us at 415.SBROCKS - 415.727.6257 You're invited to our next event! Check it out here: http://http://www.stonebrooke.tv/events

are you all believers?

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A really good question came in... Do you have to believe to be one of us? Do you have to change? Do you have to agree?