Skill Sharing: Country Ham - In Person

December 8, 2022
7:00 - 8:00pm

Are you interested in joining the venerable and time-honored tradition of curing your own meats? The December skill sharing class will be our annual country ham and bacon class, led by award-winning meat curers. There are two paths available for you to begin your ham journey. Students can choose to cure and flavor their own bacon, cure a country ham, or both! This is where you register for the country ham class. A country ham will need two to three months to cure in an environment where the temperature averages below 45 degrees (e.g. an unheated garage or shed in a KY winter or a refrigerator). Once cured, the ham will then age until the fall.  The country ham class will begin at 7p. The cost of the class is $60. Each of our Skill Sharing classes help support the AMPED Russel Technology Business Incubator, a Black-owned business incubator in West Louisville. Registration for this class will close on Dec. 2.