The 7 Churches of Revelation

The 7 Churches of Revelation Pt.7

July 24, 2022 • Katriona Beales • Revelation 3:14–22

Katriona rounds off our series on the 7 churches of Revelation by looking church of Laodicea. This letter has some harsh truths inside stemming from their problem with self-reliance meaning they had become tepid in their faith. Kat looks at this alongside the parable of the sewer to see whether thorns, or a scorching sun have left us feeling stagnant, and how to turn this around if we feel dimmed in our own faith.

The 7 Churches of Revelation Pt.6

July 17, 2022 • Matt Coombs • Revelation 3:7–13

In this talk, Matt looks at the church in Philadelphia and the encouragement that Jesus brings to them.

The 7 Churches of Revelation Pt.5

July 10, 2022 • Matt Coombs • Revelation 3:1–6

Do you need to wake up? Has your passion for God diminished slightly even though you might be acting as if it hasn't? In his letter to the church in Sardis, Jesus has some practical advice on how to wake up and start to spiritually rebuild, finding ways to connect back with God and even start a chain reaction amongst your friends.

The 7 Churches of Revelation Pt. 4

July 3, 2022 • Revelation 2:18–29

This week Shane looks at the church in Thyatira. He looks at Jesus' appraisal of the church and how we should interpret the infamous verses about Jezebel.

The 7 Churches of Revelation Pt. 3

June 26, 2022 • Jermaine Jarrett • Revelation 2:12–17

Jermaine talks to us about the church of Pergamum and the struggles they faced being surrounded by pagan influences. He explains Jesus instructions to them to not slip little by little into the ways of their surroundings but instead to hold fast and to live different as his people.

The 7 Churches of Revelation Pt. 2

June 19, 2022 • Aileen Mkandawire-Mogues • Revelation 2:8–11

Aileen looks at the letter to the church of Smyrna and what Jesus has to teach us about suffering.

The 7 Churches of Revelation Pt.1

June 12, 2022 • Matt Coombs • Revelation 2:1–7

Matt kicks off a new series for our morning service focussing on the seven churches in Revelation. We start this week looking at Ephesus and how Jesus instructs them to go back to their 'first love' and how we can do that today also.