How To Forgive

A Polite Reminder to... Forgive Yourself

February 27, 2022 • Levi Santana

Trigger warning: this talk includes discussion on the topic of suicidal feelings. Does God still love us even if we mess up badly? Levi, chaplain at a NHS trust and member of St Mary's, gives an honest and inspiring talk on God's unconditional love and forgiveness.

How Do We Forgive?

April 3, 2022 • Aileen Mkandawire-Mogues • Luke 17:1–6

Aileen speaks to us about 'tossing the toxic' from our lives and how we can follow Jesus instruction in Luke 17 to truly forgive others in the light of our own forgiveness from God.

How to accept myself for who I am

October 20, 2019 • John Peters

Talk - AM&PM

Overcoming Obstacles to Openness

October 13, 2019 • Matt Coombs

Talk - PM

How to Deal with Regret

October 13, 2019 • Tom Boulter

Talk - AM

How to Forgive and Forget