24 Days For 2024

Prayer & Fasting

January 14 - February 7, 2024

Last Sunday, Pastor Tony announced a special call for all of us to join together in unity and spiritual growth. We believe 2024 is going to be a pivotal year for our Church, our community, and our own personal lives. To begin this great work, we need to desperately seek a Spiritual Revival from the Lord! We invite you to join a church-wide 24-day period of prayer and fasting to seek God’s blessing for 2024. Starting from Sunday, January 14 through Wednesday, February 7, we will embark on this journey of surrender and revival. During these 24 days of prayer and fasting, let us intentionally seek God's outpouring, drawing closer to Him individually and collectively. May this spiritual surrender bring about a renewed sense of purpose, unity, and even greater joy within our church. We encourage you to set aside time for reflection, prayer, and seeking God's will every day during this 24-day period. We believe that as we surrender ourselves and center our hearts on Him, we will experience His transformative power in our lives and witness the growth and revival of our church and community. We look forward to coming together as the Church family and journeying through these 24 days of prayer and fasting. May God bless us abundantly as we seek Him with open hearts and a deep desire for spiritual renewal.