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Steve & Kathy

Episode 18

Episode 16

Episode 15: Freedom

Episode 14: Opportunity

Episode 13: Restoration

Restoration is coming your way! Listen to the compelling story of how God brought Jesse and Natalie through tragedy. Plus, an original song from Steve Gray, a life-changing sermon, and so much more!

Episode 12: Holy Spirit

In this Episode we learn about the true meaning of Revival. Then we hear the testimony of the Power of God touching a man, and changing his life. After that, in an interview with Evangelist Isaiah Saldivar, we hear the story of Revival breaking out in homes across the U.S.

Episode 11: Breakthrough

In this Episode we learn about God’s many promises to the Jews, and to all believers. Then we hear the Testimony of God’s protection over a Police Officer in the field. Later, song writer Matt Hooper tells us the miraculous story behind his hit worship song “Dance Again”.

Episode 10: Prophecy

Episode 9: Glory of God

Episode 8: Prosperity

In this Episode, Steve Gray teaches us about the true Grace of God. Then we hear the amazing testimony of a marriage healed after spiraling into drugs and alcohol. Later, in an interview with teenage actor Chloe Noel, Pastor Steve and Kathy discuss the blessing of Family. After that, they bring us into a service at World Revival Church, where we experience powerful worship, testimonies, and a Life Changing message from Pastor Steve.

Episode 7: One New Man

In this episode, Steve Gray addresses the issue of division in the Body of Christ and the need for one new man. Then we hear the amazing testimony of a life completely restored after the devastation of multiple miscarriages. Later actor Wink Martindale talks about hearing the call of God as a child.

Episode 6: New Beginnings

God can transform your life. In this episode, Steve and Kathy explore the new beginnings God offers to people like Mitch, who thought he’d be an alcoholic his entire life until a divine intervention brought a fresh start. Next, travel with Steve and Kathy to the Hollywood Museum for a special interview with actress Gloria Garayua, known for her roles on How to Get Away with Murder and Gray’s Anatomy. New beginnings continue as we join a service at World Revival Church with music and powerful testimonies of pain and cancer leaving, an atheist turning to God and a pastor receiving something fresh and new from heaven. Then, Steve Gray shares a message on how you can connect with Him for a new beginning. Help is on the way!

Episode 5: Miracles

Do you need a miracle? In this episode, Steve and Kathy share the story of two women dealing with infertility and what happened when God miraculously intervened. Then, actor Richard Speight Jr. talks about his role on the popular television series Supernatural and how faith influences his life. Continue your miracle journey with Steve and Kathy by stepping inside a service at World Revival Church, with uplifting music and healing testimonies that amaze doctors as cancer and sickness disappear, and lifelong bondages to fear are broken. Steve Gray then shares from God’s word about activating the miraculous to cultivate a demonstration of God’s power in your life.

Episode 4: Marriage & Relationships

Help is on the way for you and your family. Steve and Kathy share the story of one woman’s painful abortion and the miracle that restored her hope. Next, as seen on the movie Band of Brothers and Pepsi Max commercials, actor Richard Speight Jr. shares behind the scenes moments while making Steve’s faith-based film, 3 Blind Saints. Then, Steve and Kathy take you inside an exciting worship service at World Revival Church where God is healing and renewing whole families. Steve’s sermon will help you activate God’s power in your own life so you can look up to see that help is on the way.

Episode 3: Worship

Worship God and experience the miraculous. In this week’s episode, Integrity Music recording artist and worship leader Dustin Smith shares how a single God-encounter turned the direction of his life. Steve and Kathy interview actress Renee Lawless from Tyler Perry’s Have and Have Nots, as she discusses divine interventions she’s seen in her career. Next, step into the miraculous atmosphere in a worship service at World Revival Church and watch a man’s testimony of how God healed him of cancer. Finally, learn how to enter a new place in your relationship with God, as Steve Gray focuses his message on connecting you to a religion that works.