Year Round Stewardship

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10/20/2019 - The Stewardship Zone

October 20, 2019 • Not Ready for Stewardship Players

What happens when you enter The Stewardship Zone?

10/27/2019 - An Important Phone Call

October 27, 2019 • Rev’d C. Dean Taylor

2021 Pledge - PLEDGE HERE

It is time to commit your 2021 Pledge to St. David's. Blessings! This year, our Stewardship Campaign has focused on the “Marks of Discipleship.” The marks of a disciple are Daily Prayer, Scripture Reading, Weekly Worship, Service to Others, Relationships, Spiritual Friendship, and Giving! Recognizing our responsibility to trust God as the ultimate source of our security, and out of a desire to spread the love of Christ to others, St. David’s asks you to prayerfully consider stepping out in faith as you make your pledge this year. On average, St. David’s parishioners give a little over 2% of their income to the church. If St. David’s is to continue pursuing all its programs and outreach in 2021, we will need to improve this percentage. While the biblical standard is 10%, we recognize that represents an unrealistic near-term goal for many parishioners. But together, if we take an incremental step toward a tithe, St. David’s will be on the solid financial ground and we could make an even bigger impact in our community and the world. While your pledge is a personal decision between you and God, the chart below is intended to help you reflect on what a move toward a tithe looks like for your household. St. David’s means so much to so many people, and our church relies on your support to perform its work. Thank you for your generosity! Your gifts have helped keep the Church open this past year and allowed us to explore new ways of living out our faith as Disciples of Christ. – St. David’s Vestry

What is Year Round Stewardship?

Each month we highlight the many ways that stewardship is practiced at St. David’s in five areas: Spiritual Growth, Ministry Spotlight, Financial Health, Outside Ourselves, and God's Creation. Year-round stewardship at St. David’s brings mindfulness to all of us, all the time, that all that we have belongs to God.

Outside Ourselves in October

As we enter into the busy season of holidays, slow down and look around. Is there a parishioner that you haven’t seen at church lately? Is there a neighbor that needs help raking leaves? Do you know someone who lives alone that might appreciate a visit?

God's Creation in October

Let us all celebrate the gift God has given us with our pets! On Saturday, October 5th, please join us for a ‘Blessing of the Animals’. From the lizards to the llamas, let us rejoice in God’s creations!

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild has probably existed before it was even labeled ‘Altar Guild’. Every Sunday there is a team that dresses the altar in the beautiful vestments that we see every service. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes between washing, drying, refilling the vessels, and even refilling the candles. If there is even a hint of a stain, the linen is replaced. Each team is responsible for one Sunday each month and they are always looking for more volunteers. If you are interested in joining a team, or learning more about the ministry, please contact Ellen Irwin at eirwin1513@yahoo.com.

Spiritual Growth in October

As the new school year kicks into full swing and everyone returns from summer vacations, check-in with the familiar faces as well as the new ones. The new and the old, the young and the mature, welcome everyone to St. David’s!