February Vestry Minutes


St. David’s Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting February 18, 2020 6:30 pm (Click Here To Read More) Attendees (Vestry): CaroleAnn Padgett, Jim Wilson, Donna Nolfa, Tom Erdmanczyk, Garner Crowder, Leonard Ferrand, Pat Daly, Anna MacHarg, Ben Bailey, Nell Fernandez and Kristen Acker Attendees (non-voting): Rev. Michelle Ortiz, Rev. Dean Taylor, Scott Lawrence, Gary Dunsmore Opening Prayer: Rev. Dean Taylor Check Ins & prayer requests: All Acceptance of January 2020 Minutes: CaroleAnn moved, Ben seconded, all vote in favor. Meditation: Anna MacHarg Rector search update: Ben Bailey. Ben explained that St. Luke’s is also in the middle of a rector search and is two months ahead of St. David’s. He suggested this may be why the diocese hasn’t provided names to us. The diocese has asked for patience as St. Luke’s date to release some of their candidates is now on 3/8/20 (originally 2/15/20). Michelle commented that priests should be able to be in more than one search. She also said she would forward a link to Ben for where she saw St. Luke’s rector search advertised. Treasurer’s Report: Gary Dunsmore. David was out sick. There are 329 pledges totally $1.38 million. There were 86 people who last year pledged but have not done so in 2020. The VPODs have done a good job of making congregants aware of the need for more giving, but it is also important to ensure everyone realizes there is a need to increase their pledge as well. Also, it is important to ensure they know that the new pledge is for the total pledge, not just an addendum to the previous pledge. Donna suggested enabling them to give for a specific cause (e.g. A/C unit, nursery) might boost pledges as people have causes they prefer. Interim Rector Update: Rebecca Cline is starting as parish administrator. She’s friendly and working really well with Linda and Jan. Senior Warden Update: Leonard would like to know any changes or modifications happening with any ministries. Leonard suggested that one way to ensure this happens is to copy him on any communications that are ministry related. Updates: Jim believed the issue with the A/C units should be in good shape for the following Sunday. Tom suggested there should be a primary person for decision making decisions outside of the service at the time of a service. He referred to the fiasco where the stairs were not suitable to be used and the way in which it was handled on the previous Sunday. Perhaps have a board in place indicating who should be responsible for making decisions while church clergy unavailable and/or taking part in services. New Business Update: Pat received a balanced preschool budget. Jim made the motion to accept the preschool budget. Tom seconded it and motion passed. Closing Prayer: Rev. Michelle Ortiz