January Vestry Minutes


St. David’s Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting January 28, 2020 6:30 PM (Click Here To Read More) All Vestry present except Nell Fernandez and Scott Lawrence (scribe) Others in attendance: Gary Dunsmore (Finance), David Kloess (Treasurer), Alex Gonzalez (Hispanic congregation liaison), Wallace Benton, David Ingraham, and Susie Clements • Opening Prayer Rev. Dean Taylor • Check-ins / prayer request All • Meditation Ken Harris • “Trinity” assignment updates / goals All o The Family of God Garner presented a new branding/messaging strategy for St. David’s. Stakeholders in the church and communication channels will be identified so that relevant information can be effectively conveyed to interested parties. Donna discussed connecting ministry heads and encouraging cross-over events. Identifying a number of parish events spread across calendar (maybe 4 events) and involving a group of ministries to be incorporated into the events. Grouping a series of individual events into pods (like Varsity, bbq, blessing of bookbags lumped together) to gain attention and attract participation. Anna talked about offering training to Vestry on functionality of our app – creating groups, managing groups, calendar and messaging functionality, etc. o Body of Christ Ken Harris discussed characterizing ministries in a way that would allow us recognize common interests between them for purposes of collaboration. Establishing a network/web/map that illustrates the connections between ministries, and taking an inventory of ministries and identifying any redundancies o The Temple of the Holy Spirit Jim talked about the need to refresh our roles and getting updated pictures onto the app. Ben talked about reconstituting the Stewardship Committee. Thomas Nolfa has agreed to chair the committee. Invitations to join the committee have gone out. The committee will spend the summer months creating content for the 2021 campaign. The campaign will launch when families return from summer break and be incorporated into a series of “meet the Rector” meetings to be hosted by parishioners spread across our community. • Decisions: o Acceptance of December 2019 meeting minutes Leonard Ferrand Ken moved, Ben seconded, all voted in favor o Resolution #1 - 2020 Housing Allowance Leonard Ferrand See exhibit 1 Ken moved, Ben seconded, all voted in favor o Resolution #2 – Officer updates Leonard Ferrand See exhibit 2 Jim moved, Ken seconded, all voted in favor o Nave Air Condition replacement proposal Kristen Acker / Jim Wilson new unit is slightly smaller in capacity, but more efficient, $47k cost, Dennis is ready to begin installation o Finance Committee 2020 Budget proposal Gary Dunsmore Gary presented a proposed budget for 2020, which includes installation of the new air conditioning unit. Pledge attrition rate in 2019 was twice what it was in prior year. Total pledged to date for 2020 is $150k less than the same date last year. We are facing a $185k deficit in 2020. The Finance Committee recommends educating parishioners on our financial situation and encouraging pledge increases. Finance Committee also seeks authorization to approach ministry heads on an individual basis to determine if each ministry has access to restricted funds that could be used to fund that ministry’s activities covered in the operating budget. Garner moved to pass budget, Ken seconded, all voted in favor • Updates: o Nomination Committee Ben Bailey Parish profile is up, job posting listed on OTM, meeting tomorrow night to discuss next steps, George Maxwell from diocese will be there to explain the next steps of the process. o Treasurer’s Report David Kloess See exhibit 3 • Interim Rector Update Rev. Dean Taylor o Parish Administrator search 60 resumes received, Dean has been conducting interviews, will be ready to hire soon o Toolbox Wednesday night dinner during Lent, program on forgiveness Dean will be going to Ghana for a week after Easter as part of a diocesan program. • Senior Warden Update Leonard Ferrand o Ministry assignments per Vestry structure Goal is to have ministries assigned to Vestry members by next meeting o Confidential information • Junior Warden Update Kristen Acker o Building & Grounds update Introducing new form that needs to be completed any time anyone wants to make a change on campus • Old and New Business • Closing Prayer Rev. Dean Taylor