March Vestry Minutes


St. David’s Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting March 24, 2020 6:00 pm (Click Here To Read More) Attendees (Vestry): CaroleAnn Padgett, Jim Wilson, Donna Nolfa, Tom Erdmanczyk, Garner Crowder, Leonard Ferrand, Pat Daly, Anna MacHarg, Ben Bailey, Nell Fernandez, Ken Harris and Kristen Acker Attendees (non-voting): Rev. Michelle Ortiz, Rev. Dean Taylor, Scott Lawrence, Gary Dunsmore, David Kloess Opening Prayer: Rev. Dean Taylor Check Ins & prayer requests: All Meditation: Pat Daly Acceptance of February 2020 Minutes: CaroleAnn moved. Jim seconded. All vote in favor Approval of Parochial Report: Jim moved. CaroleAnn seconded. All vote in favor Treasurer’s Report: David Kloess, Gary Dunsmore • Jan – Feb was ahead of plan, and ahead of last year by about $90,000 • Gary mentioned this is due to timing. People have contributed earlier • Good collection on first week of video service • Gary working on e-blast to go out, encouraging people to give in new methods to give • David, Leonard, Gary and Mark Connor (investment committee chairman) decided not to completely withdraw from the market, but to wait and watch • Removal of $100k in January from equity account into (short-term) fixed securities putting mix of equity to bonds in more favorable light before the downturn in the market • Working on an appeal for the assessment with the diocese for next year. Many churches are likely to ask for relief so want to get that in early • Absent in-person giving, mailed checks are coming in at a greater rate, with more than $14k in the last week. Giving has remained stable so far. Rector search update: Ben Bailey. • On Wednesday, March 18th, the diocese asked all searches to pause for 30 days. That’s obviously a fluid, rolling date. • Michelle mentioned that the bishop said not to plan to worship together until Pentecost (last Sunday of May). • Dean mentioned that it might be a good opportunity to see how the candidates are handling the crisis. All priests are in the same boat and it might be good to look at how they are adapting and what they are doing. Interim Rector Update: Rev. Dean Taylor • First worship online, 3/15/20, reached 2,600 people. There were 171 engagements. • 3/22/20 service had some technical issues but had 225 engagements. • 1,300 attendees in the online Hispanic service. • Dean’s Compline saw 450 attendees, 239 clicks and 82 engagements. • Discussion ensued over best time for Facebook Live service. o Michelle reminded everyone that you can watch it afterward because it’s recorded. o Michelle confirmed that anything recorded is available on the website and the app, but Facebook Live is not on the website. o Gary asked if the compline could be transferred to website. Dean would look into it. o A video consultant recommended that the video recording be plugged directly into the modem, rather than using wireless. o Dean said they would also pre-record as a backup. • Dean: Rebecca Cline’s daughter, a communications major at Tulane, is home now and is looking for a class project. They could potentially produce Holy week for St. David’s. o Michelle reminded Dean that professional hair and makeup would (obviously) be paramount to this new video endeavor. • There is a question of how the online statistics of who is watching should be captured with regard to service attendance and Dean confirmed he was speaking with the bishop the following day. • Another clergy consideration surfaced of encouraging Facebook Live congregants to have bread and wine, like an Agape meal, during the service. • Eucharist vs. Morning Prayer - There is a balance to be found regarding the integrity of the service (i.e. some priests may seem conflicted about being the only people to take communion (like the middle ages), and yet at a time like this, where taking part in church services is possible, congregants are likely to want the experience of the service with which they’re familiar. • There’s a question of whether 9:00 or 9:30 would be a better time for the service, given potential bandwidth issues with all churches’ congregants attempting to watch church videos. o Scott mentioned that Zoom webinars are also an option for classes and groups 100 or less, which enable more people to join without quite the same bandwidth load. • Garner pointed out that St. David’s website mentions being “closed” but doesn’t appear to be pointing people to where they might go to find online services. Senior Warden Update: • Trinity ministry assignments on hold for now • VPOD will be the point person for future issues (a la “stairgate”) to make decisions on any given day that the clergy is not available to make decisions during service • There’s $3k allocated in the budget to help pay the Lamb Institute Honduras building fund as part of the two annual mission trips - $1,500 per trip. Since there’s not travel, nor adult trip planned in the spring, so Bill Sleeper would still like to send that money to Honduras for the Lamb Institute to use as needed to support their mission. Gary suggested we need a vote o Motion by Tom o Ken seconded o All in favor • Amanda Scott, our church’s supported missionary, got back to the states after being stuck when the Honduras government closed its boarders, but flew out on a U.S. State Department sponsored military plane, and was quarantined, but safe. Junior Warden Update: Kristen • Ongoing Buildings and Grounds issue is the AC unit • Jim will check with Dennis or David and send out with an update • Gary mentioned we haven’t been invoiced for the last installment so they’re probably still in the middle of it • Michelle mentioned that Jan Georges has had some offices painted in the last week • Leonard mentioned that walk-in cooler was thankfully a small cost to repair compared to the original quote to fully replace the cooling compressor. Closing Prayer: Rev. Michelle Ortiz