April Vestry Minutes


St. David’s Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting April 28, 2020 6:30 pm (Click Here To Read More) Attendees (Vestry): CaroleAnn Padgett, Jim Wilson, Donna Nolfa, Tom Erdmanczyk, Leonard Ferrand, Pat Daly, Anna MacHarg, Ben Bailey, Nell Fernandez, Ken Harris and Kristen Acker Attendees (non-voting): Rev. Michelle Ortiz, Rev. Dean Taylor, Scott Lawrence, Gary Dunsmore, David Kloess, Arturo Rodriguez Opening Prayer: Rev. Dean Taylor Check Ins & prayer requests: All Meditation: Tom Erdmanczyk Motion to accept March 2020 Minutes: Jim moved. Tom seconded. All vote in favor Motion to Create PPE Checking Account: Ken moved. Jim seconded. All vote in favor Motion to extend deadline for lay employee handbook to 6/2020: CaroleAnn moved. Jim Seconded. All vote in favor Treasurer’s Report: David Kloess, Gary Dunsmore • March was ahead of budget and ahead of last year. $516k this year vs. $448k last year • Expenses are a bit higher. Through March had a surplus of $42k. But the budget was a deficit of $12k, bringing us to $53k ahead of plan. • Part of this is purely timing. There was a large contribution made in March. March was better than April. • April is obviously a good month with Easter, but we’re running considerably behind last year, which was $170k in parish giving, with a budget of $165k in giving. • April 2020 however is looking more like $110k or perhaps $115k. • We have applied for the SBA loan, through the CARES act, for $196k, which covers eight weeks of payroll associated costs, and it can be used to pay interest in the mortgage as well as for utility bills. • We had $183k budget deficit, so the loan along with the forgiveness we’re anticipating will help considerably. • After the SBA loan, Renasant Bank has offered a three-month loan deferral to non-profits. This will enable deferring the payment on principle and interest for 90 days without impacting the loan quality. That deferment would then be rolled into our last payment on the note (a loan which was just renewed last year for a seven-year term). • The Diocesan appeal for 2020 and 2021 is also moving forward. Gary, Dean, Leonard and Kristen are meeting with the bishop on 5/5/20. • Leonard pointed out that it’s not likely that we’ll see much in the way of cost savings, since we’re keeping the payroll the same, which is the primary cost. • Gary confirmed that there may be minor cost savings, but nothing substantial. The ministry heads will give Gary an update on their budgets over the remainder of the year. Rector search update: Ben Bailey. • Everything is still on hold. The search process could restart at some point in the near future. Ben confirmed that the first step in resuming the process will be for the diocese to reach out to Leonard. • Ben has been monitoring the candidates’ actions/communications during this coronavirus holding pattern, which was Dean’s suggestion in the last vestry meeting, as it might provide a measure for how they work in times of uncertainty. Interim Rector Update: Rev. Dean Taylor • Dean arranged to have an old-fashioned phone-tree assignment for vestry members to check in with every parish member to simply say, “How are you doing?” • This will also be a great exercise to update our records for the new Rector. • You can pick these assignments up at the church, outside of Dean’s office, or they can be emailed or mailed to you. • Donna asked about what might be said to people who are struggling because of the pandemic. • Dean suggested that we share good news. “Some people have actually given their full year’s pledge.” People like to give to a winning team. • For what to tell people who ask when the church will be open again, we can say that tentatively, we’d hoped to open on 5/31 (Pentecost), but we’ll have to wait and see. • Anna provided statistics for online services. There were 1,600+ attendees and 1,900 engagements at the Easter service. The following week reached about 620 people, with 400 engagements. Second week after Easter service was 571 with 590 engagements. 118 new Facebook page likes and 74 new followers in the last 28 days. This follows the typical attendance every year. • Future focus will also include an Instagram strategy. • Ben mentioned that, because he’s been following other churches’ pages, St. David’s has had more than most churches in pushing out online content every day. • Dean said that the Bishop has said we should take note of what these engagement numbers are, but at some point in the future the diocese will have to make a decision on how to count attendance. • Dean said in the future, we would also invite contributions from those around the country, who may not necessarily live in the area, but have started to tune in to our online services. • Ben pointed out that there are likely more than 1,600 people watching, since many families watch it together. Senior Warden Update: • Stewardship Committee was looking for getting other payment vehicles. It appears that we are under an exclusivity contract right now with the app. So, we cannot immediately use Venmo or PayPal. Ben will review the contract to see if there are real constraints to getting other payment options. • The Lamb Institute in Honduras has canceled the upcoming Honduras trip. St. David’s has suggested having a mutual trip with the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit and traveling, youth and adults, in December instead. That December trip would then use the $1,500 in the budget earmarked for the Honduras trip. Junior Warden Update: Kristen • All’s good with the new A/C system. It’s very cold and very efficient. • The stairs are again in working condition. • The carpet was cleaned in the Sunday School rooms and the catacombs. • Kristen was invited by Jan to be a part of a committee to make plans for how to open the church back up. It will be important to have a plan to ensure people feel safe coming back. • Dean confirmed there will be a hybrid period where we’re going to continue to stream the service but also open back up. Some are likely to be ready sooner than others. Streaming is likely to continue going forward. New Business Update • Gary mentioned that many people are going to receive some form of stimulus money and suggested we enable people who can afford it to find a way to give that money to members of St. David’s who may be in greater need than they are. • Dean asked if anyone had a sense for how many people there are out there that are in need. • Michelle confirmed that she’s paid some bills for some parishioners, so there is some need there. She also mentioned that the parameters for receiving this money were capped @ $75k, which might conflict with the message of “need” since there are wealthier people who will not receive stimulus checks, but may be in better shape to provide financial assistance. • Leonard suggested that we need to craft a delicate message to ensure we’re speaking to everyone, not just those who receive a stimulus check. • Jim suggested that we point out to everyone that there is a discretionary (type of) fund that we’re considering using for parishioners who are in need (outreach/in-reach). • Gary and Leonard said this is something that should have the support of the vestry and should be voted on in the future, after a plan has been more fully fleshed out. • CaroleAnn pointed out that people are asking for money right now, so perhaps we might look into it sooner rather than later. Closing Prayer: Rev. Michelle Ortiz