June Vestry Minutes


June 23, 2020 6:30 pm (Click Here To Read More) Attendees (Vestry): CaroleAnn Padgett, Jim Wilson, Donna Nolfa, Tom Erdmanczyk, Leonard Ferrand, Ben Bailey, Pat Daly, Nell Fernandez, Ken Harris, Garner Crowder and Kristen Acker Attendees (non-voting): Rev. Michelle Ortiz, Rev. Dean Taylor, Scott Lawrence, Gary Dunsmore, David Kloess, Arturo Rodriguez, Jan Georges Opening Prayer: Rev. Dean Taylor Check Ins & prayer requests: All Meditation: Garner Crowder Motion to accept June 2020 Minutes: Jim moved to accept. Ken seconded. All in favor. Treasurer’s Report: David Kloess, Gary Dunsmore • David mentioned that spending is down and we are ahead of budget and ahead of last year as a result. • We successfully filed the payroll protection plan (PPP). We received $196,500 in loans through the SBA. And about $30,000 of that is earmarked for the preschool. We will begin the loan forgiveness application in two weeks. The bank is enabling St. David's to defer July, August and September's payment which will enhance cashflow this year by about $67,000. What had been about a $185,000 deficit could turn into a surplus. There was also a bequest of about $100,000 from Ms. Jones's estate. We were able to change out the air conditioning in the nave. We also asked parishioners to pay their pledges early and many did that. Junior Warden Update: Kristen Acker • Minor maintenance around the church, but David has taken care of it. Rector search update: Ben Bailey. • Everything is still on hold. Regather discussion • Leonard mentioned that we have very specific rules from the diocese if we want to go forward with reopening. • Jan and a team designed a return process for coming back into the building. o Phase 1 includes reopening the church for services and staff returning to the building o Phase 2 enables groups to come back onto campus. o In Phase 3 ministries resume. o Phase 4 brings back to how we were before the pandemic. • There will be signs on the entrance tables for if parishioners show signs of sickness. • Reservations will be necessary and names will be kept of those who arrive (CDC requirement). • Back hallway and entry way will be locked so people can’t enter that way (they will be able to get out, just not in), with no physical blockade. • There is an online app that enables people to make reservations and see where the seats are. • Masks will be required, per the diocese as well as the CDC. • There will be strategically placed hand sanitizer stations. • Every will be asked to self-check their temperatures before coming to church. • Families need to enter together. • The guidelines from the diocese are for 50 in worship. • Ushers will seat the parishioners. • We’ll first need to take a poll of ushers and volunteers to see who is willing to come back. • An electrostatic machine has been purchased to dispense disinfectant. • The diocese suggests letting a room sit for a couple of days prior to cleaning it. • There will likely be the need to offer another form for reserving a spot other than the online application. Perhaps phone calls will be taken. • There is the possibility of just having more services during the week, depending on demand. • People should understand that services will be limited to morning prayer or anti-communion (service up until the Peace). • It’ll be important to ensure everyone knows this is just another option to the current online service. • It will be one-way foot traffic. • Prayer books are already removed from the pews. • The diocese has said no printed materials so we can display words on the wall or screens and even have QR codes like in restaurants. • We’ll dismiss by rows and ask people to go outside if they’d like to gather. • Diocesan guidelines are that you don’t need a mask if you’re 10 or more feet away from others. St. David’s will require masks on the entire campus, including the parking lot. • Staff must be responsible for cleaning. We cannot have volunteers cleaning restrooms due to liability issues. • A lingering question is whether the playground will be open for children after the service. • Another question is whether we can run the AC because guidelines seemed to indicate that recirculated air isn’t allowed. St. David’s system doesn’t appear to be set up to bring in external air exclusively. There are ultraviolent system scrubbers that might help. Kristen will look into it. Dean suggested we could cool it ahead of time, then turn it off during service. Jan also would check with David and Dennis. • An additional question is who would be responsible ensuring that compliance of the rules are followed. The team agreed that it should be one VPOD per service, assuming the VPOD is comfortable in that role. The contact list and ensuring compliance could potentially be done by the same persons. Having concurrent services might be impractical for these reasons. • The survey indicates we would have 68 people returning the first chance they have, which is more than the largest hall would hold, although after seeing the hoops they have to go through to get back to church, we could see a return to online church. • The protocols for attending should be made clear when reserving a seat in a service. • There will need to be a lot of communication around the fact that church will not be exactly like it was prior to the pandemic. • We should make it clear that the CDC, the diocese as well as our insurance company that are the reasons for the protocols we’ve adopted, without placing the “blame” for these restrictions entirely on the diocese. • A discussion ensued regarding days for service. Wednesday will still be recorded. Sunday would be the streaming of the recording. Coming back to the building in person could be Monday and Friday only. The consensus of the vestry was that Sunday morning service would be ideal, rather than just weekdays, with an additional day or two during the week. But perhaps Sunday morning service, which is likely to be more crowded, could come after the kinks are worked out during the initial roll out during the (likely less crowded) weekday services. • Dean summarized for the group: We continue to record on Wednesday night for Sunday online. Sunday would be 8:00 in the sanctuary and 10:30 in Jeffords Hall. Maybe a Tuesday evening Compline and perhaps a Wednesday noon service. Not everyone agreed that Sunday morning service should attempted without rolling out a less-crowded trial during the week. This also surfaced the idea that perhaps one service could be catered more to families. • The diocese doesn’t actually “approve” the plan. They provide guidance and the vestry approves the return plan. • Dean suggested a compline on Tuesday the 14th and service at noon on Wednesday the 15th . And try two services on the following Sunday, with two services in the nave. Michelle suggested we could start on the week of the 19th with a compline on Sunday evening, then those two services on Tuesday and Wednesday the 21st and 22nd . That would enable a safe, soft-start too. In that event, it should be very clear in our communications that Eucharist is not a part of the reopening plan in the first week. Wednesday noon is a very common service in the Episcopal church. • Dean suggested Sunday morning 9:00 (and 8:00 was suggested too) in person for 50 people with morning prayer. At 10:30, we broadcast the Eucharist as usual. Then compline on Tuesday night compline and Wednesday noonday prayer. • It could be the first part of the service (up until the Peace) or Morning Prayer. Whichever it is, it will be very important to ensure everyone coming back understands that it’s not the full service. • There was a discussion about whether there should be both a compline on Tuesday night and a noonday service Wednesday, or just one, given the staffing for check-ins, cleaning, ensuring protocols are followed, etc. It will take time to ensure the communication and logistics are worked out. • Much of this would be determined by how the committee modifies the document, including protocols for some of the potential issues surfaced in the vestry meeting (e.g. someone who says they are not willing to wear a mask or goes to worship then removes their masks). • The vestry would like to see what that communication looks like before it goes out, since they’re likely to receive questions about it. • The staff should also probably receive a survey, because there are potential health concerns for them that may be private. • Jan agreed to meet one week later to discuss how the committee modifies the document. The vestry would like to see what the internal and external communications will look like, as well as protocols, resources needed, processes, etc. • No insurance companies cover for the coronavirus, so it’s not likely that the church will be liable if insurance doesn’t cover for it. Tim Georges could have a part to play in the next meeting because he might be able to explain what the church could actually liable for. Showing that we have taken steps to ensure we are not negligent is the main point, which is a primary reason for the process we’re going through and the document that Jan’s creating for the following week. The policies should also consider St. David’s staff as well, to ensure we’re thinking through all angles. Perhaps a waiver would be in order, and this needs to be considered more fully with staff. Old/New/Other Business • One of the issues from the diocese is that everyone should wear a mask inside the church, so if we’re to follow the diocese guidelines, we should do so online as well, in order to lead by example. • Dean will make sure to have masks available to everyone for Wednesday. • Michelle will send an email to everyone. Closing Prayer: Rev. Michelle Ortiz St. David’s Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting - Addendum June 30, 2020 6:30 pm Zoom Call Attendees (Vestry): CaroleAnn Padgett, Jim Wilson, Donna Nolfa, Tom Erdmanczyk, Leonard Ferrand, Ben Bailey, Pat Daly, Anna MacHarg, Ken Harris, Garner Crowder and Kristen Acker Attendees (non-voting): Rev. Michelle Ortiz, Rev. Dean Taylor, Scott Lawrence, Gary Dunsmore, David Kloess, Arturo Rodriguez, Jan Georges Check Ins & prayer requests: All Regather Process Document Review: • The process document was sent to all vestry members. Jan covered the general outline as well as some modifications at what had been sent to the vestry. • The playground doesn’t appear to have been addressed in the document. However, the diocesan guidelines do address this issue and have said no children’s activities during stage one. Perhaps the staff should take the responsibility for taping it off. We could simply include the wording “including playground” in the communication. The back door will also be locked so the flow to that area is likely to be lower. Discussion ensued about whether locking the gate in the area would be possible. The staff will be made responsible in the document. • No person in the document appears to have the responsibility of taking notice of and dealing with someone who falls out of compliance (e.g. removing masks). It should be dealt with at the front end of the service, that the service will be halted in the event that anyone isn’t compliant during the service. The ushers may need to own this role, because the VPODs may not be in the service, by quietly signaling to the celebrant. It would also be a good idea to thank the congregation at the front end, for ensuring they’re compliant, with a reminder that the service will have to be halted if anyone falls out of compliance. A police officer is also another option. The most important factor is that all ushers and all VPODs are on the same page with the clergy. • It’s important to keep this process document high level, as elements moving forward are undoubtedly going to change. It’s simply to certify to the diocese that we have a plan and are following it. It’s Dean’s and Michelle’s decision as to how the service moves forward, and that’s not the vestry’s decision to make, or to discuss. • Dean reviewed the agreed upon planned service schedule going forward, including Sunday morning at 9:00, Tuesday compline and Wednesday noonday. None of these would be for more than 50 people. • There’s a concern that the timeline may be too aggressive, given the number of ministries, staff and volunteers that need to coordinate with the reopening. However, the stake in the ground can be moved, so long as we have a goal. At any rate, the purpose of the vestry meeting is to approve this process document. • Garner moved to accept the reopen process document with the addition of the playground language. Jim seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed.