St. David's Giving

As an apostle and early follower of Christ, Peter understood that it is because of God’s grace that each of us lives an abundant life. We each have gifts, talents, possessions, and life itself because of God’s grace. Rather than focusing on what we want or don’t have, Peter reminds us to focus on all that we have been given by God, returning to him a portion of those gifts using our Time, Talent and Treasure. Pray about it. Think about it. Act upon it. How is God calling you to be a good steward? Time > There are 168 hours in each week and 10,080 minutes — how many of them do you spend with God? We can live more intentionally as Christians by giving the most precious gift of our time and attention to God through prayer, worship and study of His word. Talent > All of us have skills and talents that can be used to make our community and world a better place — one that resembles the heaven on earth that Jesus intended for us. St. David’s has over 100 ministries where we can share ourselves, and these ministries in turn help thousands. This way we all have a hand in building His kingdom one minute, one hour, one day at a time. Treasure > Our treasure is used to provide the tangible resources needed each day as we live into our mission, and we share this treasure with our parish, the community, and the world. Your financial support literally keeps the doors open and the lights on for the many groups that meet here each week, and provides resources for our ministry partners locally and abroad. Three ways we can share our treasure with God at St. David's are through: 1) Annual Giving St. David’s annual operating expenses are funded by the annual giving campaign. Pledging allows the church leadership to be good stewards by thoughtfully planning for monthly expenses while providing for all of our vital ministries that support the mission of our church community. 2) 1715 Society/Planned Giving Leaving a legacy to St. David’s is a simple and easy way to share your life-time of blessings from God. Simply make a bequest to the church in your will. 3) Gifts of Thanks Gifts of Thanks can be made when you want to commemorate a life event like Baptism; when you receive a bonus; when you would like to gift a tangible item to the church from yourself or in memory of a loved one, like a chalice or bench.