Aren’t Some Unbelievers Sincerely Seeking Truth?

June 6, 2022 • Amy Hall, Greg Koukl

- Are there scriptural explanations for why some people don’t accept the existence of God other than that they’re “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness” or “fools saying in their hearts there is no God”?
- How can we make a case for apologetics to a pastor who uses 1 Corinthians 2 to say it isn’t necessary and we should only be sharing the simple gospel?

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Can We Conclude from John 10 That Jesus Speaks to Us Today?

September 28, 2023 • Amy Hall, Greg Koukl

Can we conclude from John 10, where Jesus speaks about his sheep hearing and knowing his voice, that he speaks to us today? What would you say to someone who uses 1 Samuel 3 to show that we have to learn to hear God’s voice? How should I respond to someone who says God communicated a message to him when he saw clouds cover the moon and then dissipate?

Does Matthew 19:27–29 Incentivize Leaving Your Spouse to Do Ministry Work?

September 25, 2023 • Amy Hall, Greg Koukl

What should I do about a friend who is actively serving in his church but is living with a married woman and says he has peace about it? Does Matthew 19:27–29 incentivize leaving your spouse if you feel “called” for the kingdom?

How to Use Questions to Answer Christianity’s Toughest Challenges

September 21, 2023 • Amy Hall, Greg Koukl

Greg and Amy chat about Greg’s new book, Street Smarts: Using Questions to Answer Christianity’s Toughest Challenges, discussing the goal of the book, how this new material differs from and adds to the original Tactics book, how using tactics will help you have clearer, more personalized conversations with others about what they believe, and more.