Three Reasons to Celebrate Christianity

May 18, 2022 • Greg Koukl

1. Commentary: Three reasons to celebrate Christianity (00:00) 2. What do you do when you lose motivation and feelings in your Christian walk? (21:00) 3. Commentary: How social media affects two forms of autonomy (and how it’s contributing to a shift in our priorities and perspectives) (32:00)

Interview: Mike Winger on Progressive Christianity

June 29, 2022 • Tim Barnett

Interview: Mike Winger on Progressive Christianity

More Responses to Popular Pro-Choice Memes

June 24, 2022 • Tim Barnett, Alan Shlemon

1. More responses to popular pro-choice memes. (00:00) 2. The only time the Bible mentions abortion is to give you a magic potion to perform one. (02:00) 3. If you don’t support giving every young man a reversible vasectomy, then don’t support controlling women’s bodies. (12:00) 4. It doesn’t matter when life begins because nobody has the right to use your body against your will. (17:00)

Responding to Pro-Choice Memes

June 22, 2022 • Tim Barnett, Alan Shlemon

1. Responding to Pro-Choice Memes (00:00) 2. Life begins at first breath. (14:00) 3. You can only ban safe abortions. (25:00) 4. An acorn is only a potential tree, so a fetus is only a potential human. (29:00) 5. You can freeze an embryo but not a baby because an embryo isn’t alive. (35:00) 6. Would you save one newborn or five frozen embryos? (39:00) 7. A person who doesn’t have brain activity is legally dead, so a heartbeat doesn’t mean the embryo is alive. (46:00) 8. Meme: If you think abortion is wrong, don’t get an abortion. (52:00)