Objections to the Harvester vs. Gardener Approach

January 31, 2020

1. Commentary: Objections to the harvester vs. gardener approach (00:00) 2. What attracts intellectual Christians to Catholicism? (22:00) 3. How can I help a friend who is caught up in the Kansas City Prophets movement? (34:00) 4. How should I respond to a friend who said I was a religious sensationalist (or did he mean cessationist)? (42:00) 5. How can I revive my zeal for apologetics? (49:00)

Advice for Raising Christian Kids

December 3, 2021 • Greg Koukl

1. Commentary: Advice for raising Christian kids (00:00) 2. How can I better dialogue with Christians who have a low view of God and a high view of man? (21:00) 3. Is the fifth commandment to honor your parents conditional or unconditional? (33:00) 4. Should my church be comparing itself to a business that has a boss? (48:00)

Treasuring God’s Word

December 1, 2021 • Greg Koukl

1. Commentary: Treasuring God’s word (00:00) 2. Why did Peter want to get out of the boat in Matthew 14? (Caller also discusses becoming blind and reading the Bible as a blind Christian.) (20:00) 3. Follow-up questions from the last episode about the claims of CRT, the ideology behind those claims, and why they don’t work. (41:00)

Stick to the Truth

November 26, 2021 • Greg Koukl

1. Commentary: Stick to the truth. (00:00) 2. What are the elements of CRT? (21:00) 3. Is it possible that Satan was the angels’ Adam and they fell in him? (45:00) 4. What tactics can I use with family members who are being unreasonable? (50:00)