Sunday, January 14th

January 14, 2018 • Guest Speaker, Pat Wilson


The Journey: Beginning In God

January 27, 2019 • Lead Pastor Joe Skiles Sr

We head back to the series "The Journey." Part II: Beginning In God. We are all on a Journey, in which there are four levels; four different groups of people in the church. In Part I we took a look at the group that is still exploring God. Beginning in God is the next step of the Journey. This happens when one accepts Jesus as their personal Savior. It is by grace and it begins the growth process that will bring the believer into a closer relationship with the Lord.

That Personal Touch

January 20, 2019 • Pastor Chad Horton

Who doesn't love a buy one get one free sale!? In today's message, Pastor Chad focuses in on a time when Jesus performed two miracles in one sitting. During these two interconnected encounters, Jesus shows us the importance of being intentional when we come into His presence and He demonstrates the power of a personal touch! How it can not only fix currently broken things, but completely restore lost things from the past. All of this plus a very special word from God for those who are suffering from the emotional fall outs of sexual or physical abuse.

The Journey: Exploring God

January 6, 2019 • Lead Pastor Joe Skiles Sr

We are on a journey through our relationship with the Lord. Pastor Joe Skiles begins a series explaining the different areas of this journey. The first sermon focuses on the first group, which are those that are exploring God. This journey focuses on growing in the Lord. We continue to grow through this life, when we stop growing is when we begin to fall backwards. Pastor preaches on how to grow through the different groups of this journey.