Expand Your Vision

May 28, 2017 • Brian Mackie

Covenant is Active

February 18, 2018 • Chris Schwartzenberger

Understanding the details of a covenant is not enough. To have faith that it is true is not enough. The confidence of the the covenant agreement should lead people to active faith.

Covenant is Faith

February 11, 2018 • Chris Schwartzenberger

Abram entered a covenant with God through his faith. This covenant sets the stage for the rest of the Bible. We will discover that covenant is faith.

Covenant is Remembrance

Understanding the words that remember • February 4, 2018 • Chris Schwartzenberger

Words are powerful. The words used to describe God's covenant relationship are no exception. The most important word might be "remember." In studying the covenant made with Noah we see the power of this word.