Women's Thursday Morning Bible Study

Discovering Good News in John

February 2, 9:15am - April 6, 2023 11:15am

A Creative Devotional Study Experience This 10-week Bible guide illuminates John’s unique account of Jesus’s mission, ministry, and resurrection, calling you to pause and ponder each verse. You’ll be uplifted by - fresh insights into the incredible book of John - enlightening contexts, including the culture, celebrations, and community of Jesus’s era - new applications from the Good News for your daily life - motivating devotions followed by affirmational prayers - creative coloring pages featuring hope-filled, worship-inspiring Bible verses Immerse your heart, mind, and soul in the life-giving truths of this Gospel! This new installment in the Discovering the Bible series will give you brand-new eyes that let you savor and cherish each detail John reveals about Jesus’s time on earth.