Sunday Morning Messages

What Will You Do When the Opportunity Arises

August 27, 2023 • Iseli Siulepa

The Wounded: Self-Inflicted Wounds

August 20, 2023 • Pastor George Reed Jr. • Romans 12:1–3, Hebrews 11:6, Genesis 4:1–8, Hebrews 4:11

When we are dealing with a wounded, prideful spirit, we are dealing with a self-created barrier. Self-inflicted is not someone else's fault - it means we've taken on something that didn't have to belong to us. God came to Cain to rescue him from a self-inflicted wound and he refused God’s help. Have you refused help too?

The Wounded: Part 1

July 30, 2023 • Pastor George Reed Jr. • Genesis 4:1–15, Galatians 5:16–18

Have you been wounded? How are you addressing those areas in your life where you were injured? God wants us to bring our wounds to Him and walk through the process of healing with Him - but are you ready?

Resurrection Day

April 9, 2023 • Pastor George Reed Jr. • Genesis 3, Luke 21, Genesis 1

In this message, Pastor Reed speaks on the freedom we receive on the inside because of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Not only did He free us from our sins, but He also gave us the ability to live free on the inside. His death and resurrection allowed the door to be opened for our spiritual freedom. The very first manifestation of this freedom came in the form of Barabbas being physically freed from dying for the crimes he had committed. 

The Inside Job: The Inside Helper

March 5, 2023 • Pastor George Reed Jr. • Genesis 1:26, Genesis 2:4–8, Hebrews 13:5–6, John 14:25–31, Ephesians 5:15–20

In this message, Pastor talks about the garden experience. Where Adam received the breath of God which made him a living soul. That same breath is now available for us through the person of the Holy Spirit.

It's an Inside Job

February 12, 2023 • Pastor George Reed Jr. • Genesis 2:4–8, Genesis 2:15–18, Genesis 2:21–23, Hebrews 4:9–13

When we acknowledge the breath of God that gives us life, we realize that the strength we operate from is an inside job. The breath of God brings order - we just have to make sure that we allow the Word of God to operate on the inside of us so that we live out of who He is in our lives, not other inside things like worry or disobedience.

Jesus: The Gift of God

February 5, 2023 • Don Detrick

Jesus was and is the ultimate gift of God, but even today, He is often misunderstood. In Sunday’s message, Associate Network Leader with the Northwest Ministry Network, Don Detrick, ministered on Jesus as the gift of God, and how our understanding of Him allows us to represent Him well to the world around us.

You Are A Gift of God: Presentation

January 29, 2023 • Pastor George Reed Jr. • Ecclesiastes 3:1, James 1:17–18, Luke 2:7, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Acts 3:1–8

The gift of God is perfect and it comes from heaven. It started with Jesus and continues with the steadfastness of His love. Once we receive Christ, we become the gift that He gives to others. It’s important that you see yourself as God sees you and present yourself as such.

You Are a Gift of God

December 11, 2022 • Pastor George Reed Jr. • Luke 1:5–16

When the angel visited Zachariah to let him know his prayers had been answered, Zachariah's words didn't align with the promise he was about to receive. In this season, let your words line up with what you prayed. May you know and understand that you are a gift of God, and what you soon carry with your hands will also be a gift from God in response to your prayers.

Seasons, Time, and Purpose

November 27, 2022 • Pastor George Reed Jr. • Ecclesiastes 3:6, James 1:17–18, Luke 6:43–45, John 15:1–5, Ecclesiastes 3:1–2

The Christmas season is one often used as a time of giving, but often the gift we give is dependent on who the recipient http://is.it’s a good thing to follow the season, but we must not allow the season to prevent us from following the Word of God. In any gift we give, it's important to measure it against and through the real Gift of the season. May our lives provide fruit that testify of Who Jesus is, and may the gifts (more than just material ones) we give reflect His life on the inside of us.

A Testimony of Healing

November 20, 2022 • Lisa Hamilton, Pastor George Reed Jr. • Matthew 14:24–31

Three years ago, God kept Lisa through an aneurysm that 99% of people don't make it to the hospital alive afterwards - but that wasn't the only thing. Through it all, Lisa shares of the faithfulness of God and declares that even when you can't see it or feel it, God is working in your situation. As she shares the testimony of her healing, Lisa encourages us that, no matter what it feels like, to trust God.

You Have Power

November 13, 2022 • Pastor George Reed Jr. • Acts 1:7–8, Ephesians 3:20, Genesis 1:26–28, Genesis 4:3–7, John 3:16–17

There is power we have through our relationship with God which brings provision like nothing else. When we acknowledge the power that is at work inside of us, we impact the world according to the spirit of God. As we do, our relationships and the world around us benefits from us walking according to God's power and not our own.

The Power of Prayer

November 6, 2022 • Pastor George Reed Jr. • James 5:13–18, Hebrews 10:19–25, 2 Corinthians 5:15–20

Does prayer really work? Does prayer really change things? When we're waiting for things to happen that we've been praying for, it can become easier and easier to underestimate the power of prayer. Prayer will cause us to wait and believe. Relationship with the Word in the midst of the waiting will also help us to wait and increase our belief in the power of prayer.

Watch and Pray

October 30, 2022 • Pastor George Reed Jr. • Ecclesiastes 3:1, Revelation 3:20–22

Have you felt stretched lately? When we look at the activity and season God has provided for us, we have to be alert, we have to watch, we have to listen, and we have to pray. As a church, it is important for us to listen for what the Spirit is saying and align our steps with what we hear. It's an imperative time for the body of Christ to watch and pray.

Turning Over a New Leaf

October 23, 2022 • Pastor George Reed Jr. • 1 Peter 1:3–9

Every day should bring us closer in our relationship with God, through our fellowship with the Word of God. As we approach the start of a new year, Pastor George challenges us to realize it’s more important to recognize the season, trust God for that new season, and to follow Him and allow change on the inside as the years and seasons change.