2020 | Vision Over Visibility

Sept. 13 - October 4, 2020

Becoming Far-Sighted

October 4, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

As if there wasn't enough division and polarization already, add to issues like COVID-19 and racial injustice a generational divide across our society. In the church though, aren't we all supposed to be a family together? What does it take from each of us - and from each generation - to live out God's "from generation to generation" vision? What can different generations give to each other, and - more importantly - what can each generation gain from each other? How can every single one of us in our community make an investment into our church's future by learning to function inter-generationally to a greater degree? And what could our church look like for the future if we made a greater investment to empowering the next generation of leaders?

Seeing Double

September 27, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

In addition to navigating the pandemic, this season has been marked by another theme: racial injustice. And again, strong feelings emerge that have greater potential to further divide than unify. What ought the church's role to be in such a time as this? And is there a "right way" to fight for what's right? How would God intend His people of faith to advocate for justice and equality? And what would God desire for justice-hungry believers to become in order to advance justice and equality in ways that result in greater degrees of oneness instead of greater division? Is it possible to be advocating and unifying? If so, what could the church and the world become if we discovered the power of leveraging both of those values dear to the heart of God?

Life Through The Pandemic Lens

September 20, 2020 • Michael Krause

If this pandemic has done nothing else, it's polarized our society. Some are paralyzed with anxiety regarding the medical threats while others rant about conspiracy theories. Parents are ravaged to know whether to send their kids to in-person school or keep them home to learn online. Some people are taking every precaution, wearing facemasks and observing physical distancing, while others are eager to resume everyday life as it was before COVID-19, believing there are greater health risks in not doing so. Who's right? And, more importantly - especially from God's perspective - what's right? Over six months into navigating this pandemic, what does God want to teach us?

Vision Day

September 13, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

If COVID-19 has done nothing else to Christians, it's challenged them to ask, "How can you continue to be a church without going to church?" This has not only confused faith-based families; it's muddied the waters for how the world understands what the church is and is supposed to be and do. But what has the pandemic actually helped clarify about the church's purpose and its role in the world today? And - this year at Southridge - how can we leverage this season to see God do amazing things among us as He continues to grow us toward that vision, even if we can't gather in large groups? What emerging vision would God want to inspire in all of us together in the coming season?