All-Inclusive Faith | Trading Comfort for Christ-likeness

April 11 - May 2, 2021

The Privilege of Following Christ

May 2, 2021 • Tom Loewen

Many people seem obsessed with the Royal family. People love to celebrate their weddings and childbirths and to indulge in their turmoil, like Harry and Meghan relinquishing their status and duties, leaving the UK, and speaking about mental illness and racism. Why is it that watching Royals subvert the Royal Institution unleashes delight in some and outrage in others? What is it about undermining the privilege of the most privileged people in the western world that captures our imagination? How should it affect our attitudes towards our own privilege? And, as Jesus-followers, what should it look like to subvert our own privilege for the sake of others - especially for the sake of enjoying a greater degree of diversity among us?

Come To The Table Flipping

April 25, 2021 • Michael Krause

Who is the most hospitable person that you know? Think of someone you know who is a model of the kind of friendliness, generous welcome and warmth we associate with great hospitality. What can you expect when they welcome you into their home? They make every effort to make you feel comfortable, offer you a drink, marvel you with a spread of sumptuous food, listen attentively, hold your rapt attention as a conversationalist, and on and on. These are the skills that make us feel welcome, and "at home." But what does hospitality look like in the church? And what does it take from each and all of us to make sure that everyone feels "at home"?

Hidden Beauty

April 18, 2021 • Jeff Lockyer

Most of us have mixed feelings about our bodies – parts of ourselves that we’re proud of, and parts that make us feel ashamed. Whether it’s the smile we got from our mother, or the nose we inherited from our father, we show off the physical features we consider to be our best, and try to cover up the ones we consider to be our worst. But when it comes to the body of Christ – the church – what are its best features? There are certain body parts we love to show off, but is it possible that, by ignoring or even hiding other parts, we’re actually concealing its full splendor? What if showcasing diversity is the ultimate beauty tip for putting the beautiful body of Christ on display?

Improving Our Image

April 11, 2021 • Michael Krause

Our culture is obsessed with celebrity. We love to identify people who we deem worthy of disproportionate adoration and attention and put them up on pedestals to be admired. We elevate the beautiful, the strong, the funny, the wealthy, the musical, and the athletic, those who embody the ideals of the flourishing of humanity, those who inspire us to aspire to what we imagine to be the best versions of ourselves. But what if these aren't the models of humanity to which we ought to aspire? What if the best, brightest and most beautiful elements of humanity lie hidden in unexpected places and people? And is it possible that we, by celebrating a more diverse image of humanity at its best, might actually gain a more clear and compelling image of God?