Finding Our Way

Welcome to the Finding Our Way Podcast!  Join us each week as we discuss how to pursue Jesus’ Way in community, and how as local churches we can better foster Jesus’ Way among us, so the world will see more of Jesus through His Church.

Ep.199 - Unlikely Friendships

November 28, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

Last week we were thrilled to have author, speaker, and activist, Shane Claiborne join us for an evening of "building longer tables, not higher fences". If you weren't able to make it, check out this special edition of our podcast, featuring Shane's talk from that night. You're sure to be inspired by his heart and passion for the beauty of unlikely friendships. Looking to get involved in relationships like this? We'd love to help get you connected. Drop us a line at http://southridgechurch.ca

Ep.198 - Interruptions as Invitations

November 21, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

Life is full of interruptions - ranging from minor inconveniences to life-altering circumstances. No one is exempt, but how do we process those interruptions and see them as invitations to draw closer to God? Take a listen to this week's podcast with our Family Pastor, Carrie Jones, as she talks about the life-threatening interruption of her year, and the beautiful things she's learned from it.

Ep.197 - Hope Lives 2022

November 16, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

Every year, we embark on a series that we call Hope Lives..... but, why? Why do we come back to this idea year after year, giving it priority and emphasis in our annual church rhythm? What's so compelling about this hope, and why does it drive so much of what we do? Join in this conversation with our Action Pastor, Nate Dirks, as he shares about our heart for hope at Southridge.

Ep.196 - The Journey to Jesus-Centredness

November 7, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

In this week's episode, we invite you to get to know Leanne Friesen. She is the lead pastor of Mount Hamilton Baptist Church, and will be speaking to us this coming Sunday as part of our Bullseye series. Tune into this podcast to hear her heart for the local church, and what it means to her to live a Jesus-centred life.

Ep.195 - Church Vision Tours

October 31, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

On Sunday, Mandy mentioned the importance of having a spirit of curiosity and willingness to learn. Jerry Reddy, pastor of Hillside Baptist Church in Moncton NB, has taken that outlook to the next level when it comes to church; he has made it a habit to regularly visit churches around North America, learning about what God is doing in their midst, and how that can inspire his own congregation. Check out this podcast episode to hear more about these church vision tours - and to hear what his team learned when they visited Southridge this month!

Ep.194 - Kingdom Communications

October 24, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

Around Southridge, we value clear and compelling communication when it comes to our proclamation of the gospel and who Jesus is, so we were excited for the opportunity to sit down with communications and marketing expert Ellen Graf-Martin. If you're interested in pulling back the curtain on the types of questions we ask when it comes to our own communications strategy as a church, you won't want to miss this conversation.

Ep.193 - Becoming Kin

October 17, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

When Southridge started having deliberate conversations about what it means to become good relatives and do better as a church seeking to build relationships with Indigenous peoples, one of the voices who was so instrumental and insightful has been Patty Krawec. Patty brings a unique perspective to the relationship between Indigenous people and settlers/immigrants, with a special insight into the church's role in truth and reconcilliation. In this week's don't-miss episode, Patty sits down with Jeff to talk about all these things, and to introduce her new book, Becoming Kin (available wherever you buy books).

Ep.192 - Giving God Your "Yes!"

October 10, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

You may remember hearing from Jenn Surtees during our It Takes a Village sermon series in July. Check out this week's podcast as she sits down with Jeff to dive deeper into what it means to give God your "yes", and how that has been playing out in her life over the past few months.

Ep.191 - Jesus-Centred Faith

October 3, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

Beginning this coming Sunday, we will be diving into a new series called Bullseye: Living A Jesus-Centred Life. Tune into this week's podcast with our Interim Welland Location Pastor, Jon Hand, as he talks about what it looks like to have a faith that is centred on Jesus (and why something so obvious isn't always easily lived out).

Ep.190 - Generational Transfer 2.0

September 26, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

Continuing on with our deeper dives into some themes that we talked about on Vision Night, this week's podcast takes a closer look at the idea of Generational Transfer. Jeff sits down with Annie Froese, our Executive Director of Homelessness Services, who shares her experiences of growing up as a younger leader in the church, and why focusing on this process is so vital going forward.

Ep.189 - Realizing "Love Beyond Belief"

September 19, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

One of the strategic goals of Southridge this coming year is to expand its capacity for "Love Beyond Belief", especially as it relates to the inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community. But what, practically speaking, does that mean? Hear our Spiritual Practices Pastor, Mandy Kasper, join in the conversation and talk about next steps.

Ep.188 - Missional Gatherings

September 12, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

At last night's Vision Night, we spent some time talking about where we sense God leading us as a community. One of those pieces was a goal of moving to more 'integrated missional gatherings'. What exactly does that mean and how could that change what things look like around here in the future? Check out this conversation with our Action Pastor, Nate Dirks, to catch this vision!

Ep.187 - The 25-Year View

September 6, 2022 • Jeff Martens

As we kick off a new ministry year, listen in to this conversation with Jeff Lockyer as he looks back over the last 25 years of the Southridge journey, and looks ahead as to where we sense God leading us.

Ep.186 - Communications Ministry

August 29, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

It's been said that "everything communicates", which is why a Communications Ministry touches so many different parts of our community. Check out this week's episode as Jeff sits down with our Communications Director, Kelly Smalldon, to talk about how you could get involved in this vital ministry.

Ep.185 - Facility Management

August 22, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

Our August podcast series continues with this episode featuring our Facility Director, Jesse Klassen. Jesse sits down with Jeff to talk about this behind-the-scenes ministry that is so vital to our community, and the many opportunities to get involved.