Finding Our Way

Welcome to the Finding Our Way Podcast. Join us for weekly discussions about life at Southridge.

Ep.89 - Intergenerational Leadership

with Lynda Beard • October 19, 2020 • Carrie Jones

As our community commits this year to investing in the leadership development of the emerging generation, we are so thrilled to sit down for a conversation this week with Lynda Beard. Lynda is a long-time member of the Southridge community and among many of the ways she's involved, she is one of the original leaders of our BRAVE Girls Leadership Program. In this podcast, Lynda shares her heart for the younger generation, her dreams for seeing them rise up as leaders among us, and ways that we can all be a part of encouraging our young people.

Ep.88 - BRAVE Leadership

with Karen Ward • October 12, 2020 • Carrie Jones

This week's podcast is a beautiful merging of our community's ongoing conversations about leadership, Indigenous reconciliation, and female empowerment. Karen Ward of Burning Stone Ministries joins us to share her heart for the Mishkeegogamang Ojibway First Nation in Northern Ontario, and the connections that are developing between 'Mish' and Southridge.

Ep.87 - The Leaders' Village

with Carrie Jones • October 5, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

Tune into this week's podcast where we hear from Carrie Jones about Southridge's vision for leadership development in the future. There has been a growing desire to increase leadership in various pathways, and we are excited about some opportunities to see that happen in this coming year.

Ep.86 - Diversity & Inclusion

with Jenessa Galenkamp • September 28, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

You may recognize Jenessa Galenkamp from the powerful Land Acknowledgement spiritual practice that she led our community through during the summer. She's joining us on the podcast today to talk about the Southridge Good Relatives team and what it looks like for Southridge to be listeners and learners from the Indigenous community, in a spirit of truth and reconciliation. It's a powerful conversation - you won't regret taking the time to hit play on this one!

Ep.85 - Back to School Challenges

with Kristy Duncan • September 21, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

It's no secret that the conversations surrounding "Back to School" have been complicated and nuanced this year. We're excited for you to listen to this podcast with Kristy Duncan; Kristy is a leader in our Movers & Shakers Kids Ministry Program and is an elementary school teacher in Niagara. Join us for for this insightful look into the Covid pandemic from the teacher point of view.

Ep.84 - Facility Management

with Jesse Klassen • September 14, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

We're excited for this week's podcast and the opportunity to introduce our new Facility Director, Jesse Klassen. If you've been part of our St. Catharines location you may recognize him as a youth leader and a drummer, and we're thrilled for everyone to listen to this conversation and get to know him a bit better as he steps into this new role. .

Ep.83 - Vision Over Visibility

with Jeff Lockyer • September 7, 2020 • Carrie Jones

September is typically a season where we share the vision for Southridge that we sense God has placed on the hearts of our leadership for the upcoming year. But how do you cast a vision for a season with so much uncertainty? You're not going to want to miss this conversation with our Lead Pastor, Jeff Lockyer, as he explains where we feel God leading our church in the coming year, despite the lack of visibility in the road ahead.

Ep.82 - COVID-19 Generosity

with Shane Ritzema • August 31, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

This pandemic season has brought plenty of hardships, questions, and fear... but there have also been moments of compassion, generosity, and opportunity to share God's love in unique ways. Tune in to this week's podcast for an amazing conversation with Shane Ritzema from our St Catharines location. Shane is a local business owner who shares his story of God's love during COVID-19.

Ep.81 - Re-Opening Approach

with Jeff Martens • August 24, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

In recent weeks we asked for feedback from the Southridge community regarding their feelings about the current COVID-19 situation and the potential for re-opening our large group Sunday morning gatherings. Join us on this week's podcast as we talk to our Connection Pastor, Jeff Martens, about the survey results and the learnings we have gleaned from this valuable feedback.

Ep.80 - Expressing Compassion

with Kelsey Knechtel • August 17, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

Last week we chatted with a long-time member of our Shelter staff, and this week we are excited to talk with a newer one. You're not going to want to miss this conversation with Kelsey Knechtel; she opens up about why she loves the Shelter community and how her own past shapes her present job; she gives a "Next Gen" voice to opinions about aspects of Southridge's journey, and points to compassion as a key thread through it all.

Ep.79- Peer Support

with Dave Nelder • August 10, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

In the last few months you might have heard us talk about the expansion of Shelter staffing, which has enabled us to provide a wider variety of support options for the homeless community in Niagara. Join us for today's podcast as we chat with Dave Nelder, who has taken on the Peer Support role in this expansion. Dave has an amazing story, and you won't want to miss him talking about his journey from being a resident himself, to taking on this new role that has become so vital (especially in this season).

Ep.78- Re-Opening Values

with Joan Hyatt • August 3, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

As Niagara enters Phase Three of the Covid-19 journey, many are wondering about when we will resume 'church as usual'. Tune in to this week's podcast with our Board Chair, Joan Hyatt, as we discuss why we haven't opened yet, and the values that we are holding to as we move forward.

Ep.77 - Global Leadership Summit

with Lois Warren • July 27, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

Join us this week for a conversation with Lois Warren, Executive Director of the Global Leadership Network Canada, as she shares some of her heart behind the annual Global Leadership Summit.

Ep. 76- Growing In Compassion as A Family

with Allison Alley, Neal & Sharol Josephson • July 20, 2020

Continuing in our season of leaning into 'outside voices', we are happy to share with you this episode from the FamilyLife Canada podcast; a conversation between longtime Southridge friends Neil & Sharol Josephson and the CEO & President of Compassion Canada, Allison Alley (who is also not a stranger to our community!). This is an insightful conversation about fostering a heart of compassion and justice in our children and families; you won't want to miss it!

Ep.75 - City Movement

with Tim Day • July 13, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

Check out this week's podcast with our special guest, Tim Day. Tim is a dear friend of our community and heads up an organization called City Movement. In a season of hearing from some voices outside of our own family, we are excited to have him here to share his heart for growing the church in Canada.