Ep.84 - Facility Management

with Jesse Klassen

September 14, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

We're excited for this week's podcast and the opportunity to introduce our new Facility Director, Jesse Klassen. If you've been part of our St. Catharines location you may recognize him as a youth leader and a drummer, and we're thrilled for everyone to listen to this conversation and get to know him a bit better as he steps into this new role. .

Ep.89 - Intergenerational Leadership

with Lynda Beard • October 19, 2020 • Carrie Jones

As our community commits this year to investing in the leadership development of the emerging generation, we are so thrilled to sit down for a conversation this week with Lynda Beard. Lynda is a long-time member of the Southridge community and among many of the ways she's involved, she is one of the original leaders of our BRAVE Girls Leadership Program. In this podcast, Lynda shares her heart for the younger generation, her dreams for seeing them rise up as leaders among us, and ways that we can all be a part of encouraging our young people.

Ep.88 - BRAVE Leadership

with Karen Ward • October 12, 2020 • Carrie Jones

This week's podcast is a beautiful merging of our community's ongoing conversations about leadership, Indigenous reconciliation, and female empowerment. Karen Ward of Burning Stone Ministries joins us to share her heart for the Mishkeegogamang Ojibway First Nation in Northern Ontario, and the connections that are developing between 'Mish' and Southridge.

Ep.87 - The Leaders' Village

with Carrie Jones • October 5, 2020 • Jeff Lockyer

Tune into this week's podcast where we hear from Carrie Jones about Southridge's vision for leadership development in the future. There has been a growing desire to increase leadership in various pathways, and we are excited about some opportunities to see that happen in this coming year.