Ep.146 - What Church Health Requires

with Keri Ladouceur

November 22, 2021 • Jeff Lockyer

This week, we are excited to sit down with Keri Ladouceur, a pastor from the Chicago area, to talk about church health, church growth, church learnings from the pandemic season, and more. If you're interested in learning more about church leadership, this is a great conversation to take in!

Ep.155 - Leading the Emerging Gen

January 24, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

Join us for today's podcast where Jeff sits down with with Jud Stade, who has an unmatched passion for seeing the emerging generation come to know Jesus in real and powerful ways. Whether you are someone with young people in your direct circles, or whether you're just excited about the impact that this generation can have in the church, you won't want to miss this insightful conversation.

Ep.154 - Soul Care

January 17, 2022

Sometimes it can be easy to make our faith journey about just the thinking and the knowing, without allowing time for the being. Christa Hesselink, founder of SoulPlay, has made her life's work about encouraging people in the slowing down to generate mind and heart habits that focus on experiencing the presence of God. If you're in a place of feeling weariness in your faith, don't miss this conversation with Christa and the wisdom that she brings.

Ep.153 - The State of Evangelism

January 10, 2022 • Jeff Lockyer

We believe in being a church where it's safe to ask questions, regardless of where you are on your faith journey. One of the specific ways we love doing that is through the Alpha program - an open environment for discussing faith and life, where no question is off-limits. Today on the podcast, we're excited to sit down and chat with Shaila Visser, the National Director of Alpha Canada. Tune in to learn more about Alpha, about evangelism, and Shaila's story.