Kingdom Down

Living for Jesus in a Culture in Crisis

The Everlasting Kingdom

Kingdom Down, Part 6 • November 8, 2020 • Jeff Daley

As Christians, we enjoy a dual citizenship. We are citizens of this country, but our ultimate allegiance is to Jesus’ everlasting kingdom that will usher in the perfect government. In the light of our glorious destiny, how then shall we live Kingdom Down here on earth below? Find out this week.

Presidents: Appointed or Elected?

Kingdom Down, Part 5 • November 1, 2020 • Jeff Daley

On the cusp of our Presidential election, how should we think Kingdom Down with respect to the outcome of the election? This week we look to Scripture to help frame our thoughts from Heaven’s perspective.

Speak No Evil

Kingdom Down, Part 4 • October 25, 2020 • Jeff Daley

As we push deeper into the pandemic and a contentious election, passions are running hot. When squeezed, our words reveal the condition of our hearts and the source of our trust and hope. This week we look at practical advice on surviving election season without embarrassing God.

Kingdom Justice

Kingdom Down, Part 3 • October 18, 2020 • Jeff Daley

Our God is a just God, and as citizens of heaven above living on earth below, we are called to incarnate the values of the coming kingdom. This week we explore the topic of biblical justice and how we can best live it out.

Racial Reconciliation

Kingdom Down, Part 2 • October 11, 2020 • Jeff Daley

The Gospel of Jesus Christ doesn’t just suggest reconciliation, it is reconciliation with God and other humans. Because of the reconciliation accomplished in Christ, the church must lead the way by walking in reconciliation before a watching world. This week we discuss how to live Kingdom Down in an ethnically diverse world.

Breaking or Blessing?

Kingdom Down, Part 1 • October 4, 2020 • Jeff Daley

This week we start a new series called Kingdom Down - Living for Jesus in a Culture of Crisis. Sunday’s message is entitled, Breaking or Blessing and we’ll be in Jeremiah 18:1-11. As we look at our present cultural and political crisis, it appears that our nation is coming apart at the seams. As followers of Jesus who live Kingdom down and not culture up, how should we think about our national condition and how should we respond?