Through the Valley

Psalm 23

Hot Pursuit

September 1, 2019 • Jeff Daley

Having seen the Lord as Shepherd and Banquet Host, God’s care for His people reaches a climactic conclusion as He pursues us with love and mercy all the days of our lives.

Unlimited Refills

August 25, 2019 • Jeff Daley

If the promise of God’s presence to guide us in the valley of the shadow of death isn’t gracious enough, then look more specifically at how the LORD meets us as a gracious banquet host.

You are with Me

August 18, 2019 • Jeff Daley

There are many dangerous situations Jesus’ sheep face as they journey through life. But the good news is that the LORD intervenes to protect and provide for his people. In these words from Psalm 23:4, we find a medicine chest for our souls.

Paths of Righteousness

August 11, 2019 • Jeff Daley

This week we’ll investigate the particular path in which the Good Shepherd always leads His sheep and the surprising motivation for His leadership. When we rightly understand the Shepherd’s path and motivation, we can be greatly encouraged.

Your Deep Longing for Rest

Through the Valley • August 4, 2019 • Dan Hash

In our slow summer series through Psalm 23, this Sunday we will ponder green pastures, and quiet streams. But we’ll also tackle our deep resistance to slowing down, and look honestly at what we really want.

Lacking Nothing

Through the Valley • July 28, 2019 • Jeff Daley

Of all the Psalms in the Bible perhaps none is better known than Psalm 23. This passage is loved by those who know the LORD and those who have nothing to do with the faith. This week we begin a deep dive into these ancient words of King David to see why we can put all our confidence in the LORD.