Guest Speaker Mike Badolato

October 2, 2022 • Pastor Mike Badolato

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The Making of a Leader

September 25, 2022 • Pastor Andy Casper • Exodus 3:11–14

Next Steps - Read Acts 7:17-36 NLT - Think About: Where is God developing my leadership? Where do I need to grow? Am I running from God in any way? - Action: Ask the Lord to show you where you need to grow in your leadership and surrender that area to Him.


September 18, 2022 • Pastor Andy Casper • Psalm 139

Next Steps - Read: Psalm 139 and make it personal - Think About: How God knows and cares about you and how can you use that to influence others. - Action: Sign Up for a Care Group

Your Leadership Matters

September 11, 2022 • Pastor Andy Casper • Exodus 1:15–22

Next Steps - Memorize: Psalm 111:10 - Evaluate: Where is God using you to influence others? Where have you missed God wanting to use you to influence others? - Action: Begin to put on paper how you can intentionally influence a new person or group that God has brought to your mind.