Discerning Your Assignment

Big Idea: God has clarity for you in how to serve Him best.

February 20, 2022 • Pastor Andy Casper • Psalm 37:3–5

Next Steps - Memorize 1 Corinthians 10:31 - Evaluate: Am I “All In” with my relationship with Jesus? - Action: Talk to someone about what you feel the Lord has put on your heart.

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The Greatest

April 10, 2022 • Pastor Andy Casper • Matthew 23:11–12

Next Steps - Memorize: Matthew 23:11 NLT – The greatest among you must be a servant. - Evaluate: Am I serving to exalt me or Jesus? - Action: Invite a friend or family member to Easter Sunday!

Living Evergreen

April 3, 2022 • Jarod Noel • Psalm 1

Next Steps - Meditate on Psalm 1 throughout the week. - Ask yourself: In what ways are you living more like the chaff than the tree? - Action: Invite a Friend to Easter Service

Measuring Growth

March 27, 2022 • Pastor Andy Casper • 2 Peter 1:5–11

Next Steps • Memorize: Romans 12:10 NLT – 10 Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. • Evaluate: Where can I see growth in my life? • Action: Ask a close friend where they see growth in your life.